Netflix releases creepy ‘Locke & Key’ trailer

Mystery solved: The long-delayed TV adaption of the graphic novel series “Locke & Key” finally has a trailer.

Netflix dropped a creepy preview Wednesday for its much-anticipated take on the best-selling comic book series of the same name that was illustrated by Chilean artist and architect Gabriel Rodriguez, 45, and written by Stephen King’s son, Joe Hill, 47.

Set to premiere Feb. 7 on the streaming service, the show’s first 10-episode season stars Darby Stanchfield (ABC’s “Scandal”), Jackson Robert Scott (2017’s “It” movie) and Connor Jessup (ABC’s “American Crime”).

Fans have waited a long time for a trailer, because the series has had a drawn-out journey to the screen. Netflix picked up the rights after Fox and Hulu both scrapped TV pilots, reports Decider.

The coming-of-age mystery series, which had its first issue published in 2008, tells the story of three siblings who move into their ancestral home following their father’s murder and find that the house’s keys are magical and give them special powers.

The spooky trailer shows the family arriving at “Keyhouse” and discovering the supernatural keys, which lead to a “Stranger Things”-like world. The preview takes an even spookier turn when they awake a female spirit and then quickly escalates to a blood-covered face and a body falling off a cliff.

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