'Newest Disney Princess': Rescued Bait Dog Turned Therapy Pup to Be Featured on Disney+ Show

Princess Abigail will be making her Disney debut!

On Friday, the Florida pup will be featured on Disney+'s newest episode of It's a Dog's Life, a show that highlights two amazing working dogs and one "Hometown Hero" pooch each episode. Abigail, a bait dog turned therapy pup is this week's "Hometown Hero."

"She is going to be the newest Disney Princess," Megan Steinke, Abigail's adopted dog-mom, told NBC affiliate WPTV.

In 2016, Abigail was hanging on to life by a thread when she was saved by the Florida nonprofit Love is Fur Ever Dog Rescue. The rescue suspected she was a bait dog in a Miami dog-fighting ring, as they found her with an ear and an entire side of her head ripped off.

Dr. Thomas Jackson, the organization's veterinarian, said it was the worst case he had ever seen.

"We're looking at a really long, long recovery for her," Victoria Frazier, the Founder of Love is Fur Ever, told the outlet at the time.

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But Abigail was able to pull through and found her forever home the following year with Megan, her husband Jason, and their other dog, Tala.

Since being rescued, Abigail has become a therapy dog with her sister Tala, helping veterans, first responders, children, and the elderly. Together, they visit assisted living homes for residents with memory issues, cancer centers, schools, Red Cross shelters, police departments, fire departments, and more.

In September 2017, the adorable pit bull was crowed the American Humane Hero Dog of the Year, according to her Facebook page, "Bonnets For Abigail."

"It's just been so inspiring to see the impact a dog can make on people, and really advocate for the breed of the pit bull, and help rescue dogs," Megan said. "Rescue dogs aren't broken. They have so much love to give, and Abigail is an example of that."

Megan said Disney+ had reached out to her about including Abigail on the show in January.

"I'm like, 'Disney? No, there's no way Disney has found us in Fort Myers, Florida.' They wanted to highlight Abigail and her story through this new Disney+ show, It's a Dog's Life," Steinke said. "Abigail does have a wonderful Cinderella story. That's what I like to call it. Former bait dog to Disney Princess. She's raising awareness on bait dogs and dogfighting rings, and animal cruelty as a whole."

"We're just really happy that Disney chose our little princess to be their next princess," she added.

Abigail's episode of It's a Dog's Life drops Friday, May 29 on Disney+.

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