Nicole Franzel Says She Won’t Play "Big Brother" Again

Big Brother 22 All-Star Nicole Franzel finished third place this season, falling just short of reaching the finals for the second time.

Nicole was blindsided by her closest friend this season, Cody Calafiore, who decided to go to the finals with Enzo Palumbo. Cody went on to win the $500,000 by a unanimous 9-0 vote.

Had Cody taken Nicole to the end, she would have been just the fourth Big Brother contestant to reach the finals twice. Cody (runner-up in season 16), Dan Gheesling (season 10 winner and season 14-runner up) and Paul Abrahamian (seasons 18 and 19 runner-up) are the only contestants to reach that feat.

Nicole also missed out on a chance to become the very first two-time Big Brother winner; she defeated Paul in the finals of Big Brother 18.

However, Nicole did set an impressive (and likely unbreakable) record this season. She surpassed Janelle Pierzina’s record (200) of most total days spent in the Big Brother house.

Despite her record-breaking success in Big Brother, Nicole revealed in an interview with Us Weekly that she doesn’t plan to play the game again.

“I’m done,” Nicole said. “I’m retired. My heart can’t take anymore, so I’m out.”

Nicole isn’t the only Big Brother 22 All-Star to have retired from the game. Dani Briones, one of Nicole’s closest allies this season, previously stated that this marked her final Big Brother outing as well.

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Countless Big Brother fans were largely disappointed with this season. “The Committee” alliance won every single Head of Household competition this summer, and major fan favorites such as Janelle, Bayley Dayton, Ian Terry, Da’Vonne Rogers and Kaysar Ridha were evicted early.

The major moves didn’t take place until the Committee members reached the final seven together. Then it became one blindside after another, starting with Tyler Crispen getting Dani evicted.

CBS announced last week that Big Brother has been renewed for a 23rd season.

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