One Direction Upward: How Zayn Malik Grew His $75 Million Fortune

Zayn Malik has been a heartthrob since he made his first public appearance as one of the contestants from the boyband One Direction on X-Factor. He also broke a million hearts when he parted ways with One Direction in 2015 to become a solo artist. The success story of Zayn Malik is quite inspiring, especially the part where he surpasses all obstacles and gradually grows a mind-blowing worth of about $75 million.

The Simple Beginnings of a Future Star

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Although Zayn currently identifies as a non-religious person, he was born in a Muslim family in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. He was born Zayn Javvad Malik on January 12th, 1993. According to The Success Bug, Zayn was often bullied by his hostile peers when he was a kid because he belonged to a minority religious community. But this could not stand in the way of his dreams and aspirations.

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Zayn’s alternative to becoming a singer was always to be an English teacher. Luckily, the pop star never had to give up on his first dream. After being trained in music for a while, he decided to try his luck at the X-Factor’s reality show.

The singer wanted to experience the thrill of auditioning in front of renowned judges. He was not selected when he appeared as a solo artist. This, however, failed to mar the hopes of the young Zayn, and he made an epic comeback as part of the boyband One Direction.

One of a Kind Journey with One Direction

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Malik made his first public appearance as a solo performer by auditioning at X-Factor UK. The judges did not consider him strong enough unless paired with the rest of the boys to form the future band One Direction. According to Evening Standard, it was Simon Cowell who made a band out of them. When the legends Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik met, history was made.

One Direction proved to be a success from the very beginning. According to Cosmopolitan, the debut album of the band called ‘Up All Night’ was an immense triumph on their part. It topped the charts, in an amazing 16 countries. Within a year, it sold about $4.5 million. Zayn Malik and the other One Direction members made about $5 million out of it and a tour combined.

One of the well-known tours of One Direction was the ‘Where We Are’ tour. It was also the most profitable one. The band made about $75 million in the first year itself. Henceforth the figures only went up; at first, it doubled up to a mind-blowing $130 million. After the tour, they had an income of about $282 million.

Evolving into a Lone Wolf

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It can be no coincidence that all the five members of One Direction have tried their luck at solo careers, and all of them have emerged successful. It is proof of the fact that every single of them is an extremely talented singer. However, the most successful amongst them are Zayn Malik and Harry Styles. Harry, too, has a fantastic net worth of about $80 million.

When Zayn left One Direction in 2015, it was heartbreaking to most fans. What was of consolation was the fact that this crucial decision did not bring him regrets. The singer made a deal with RCA Records and released his new single, ‘Pillowtalk,’ in 2016, which became an instant hit. This was the lead single from his debut album, Mind of Mine, as a solo artist;

Malik’s extraordinary performance in the lead single earned him the sixth position on the Billboard Artist 100 chart. He also earned the number one position on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs chart with his other single, ‘Like I Would.’ Zayn practically made history by becoming the number one British Male debut solo artist in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, and the United States.

Among his major projects following this magnanimous success is a single with Taylor Swift called ‘I Don’t Wanna Live Forever.’ In 2018, Zayn Malik dropped the first single, called ‘Let Me,’ for his next album titled ‘Icarus Falls.’ ‘Still Got Time’ and ‘Dusk Till Dawn’ were among the most successful singles from this new album. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Zayn’s latest release has been the 2021 album, ‘Nobody is Listening.’

Looking at the consecutive successes of the British pop star, it comes as no surprise that the One Direction star has grown $75 million in a few years. Zayn Malik is also the proud owner of luxury estates in London, Manhattan, Pennsylvania, and so on at the age of only 28 years.

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