OnlyFans star earning £253k a month answers fans questions in candid Q&A

A woman has decided to mark her two-year anniversary of being on OnlyFans by hosting a candid Q&A spilling on how she pees in buckets for her fans.

Opening up a thread on Reddit, the woman recalled how she has been a creator on the raunchy site for two years and wants to answer questions in a bid to "educate people".

She said: "I posted this just for AMA purposes and to educate people about the platform, or just share my personal experiences if you don't like what I do that's completely fine!

"Just don't be rude or harass me, be the bigger person and just not respond!! with that being said if you want to participate in my AMA great! Feel free to get as personal as you want with the questions."

The woman, who was anonymous, did not hold back after the questions poured in.

After someone asked how it has impacted her life she revealed it has been quite the blessing.

She answered: "Paid off my college debt, paid off my parents' college debt, paid off my parents' house, bought a house for me, made me happier, allowed me to do things that I never thought was possible, allowed me to focus more on myself."

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Asked if there were any negatives, she responded: "Eh I would say so, I didn't talk to my parents for a couple of months after they found out, lost a friend, and one of my neighbours won't talk to me. That's really about it though in terms of serious ramifications."

The woman said she decided to tell her parents because she "hates keeping secrets" and is an "open person".

One Reddit user asked: "What's the weirdest request that you have taken? Also weirdest request you've denied?"

To which the woman responded: "Accepted: I sent him a video of me peeing in a bucket. Denied: he wanted the bucket…"

After someone asked where she draws the line, the woman said BDSM, pain, and fisting are off the cards.

She says she creates sexual content including "sex tapes, oral sex vids, shower vids, masturbation videos, twerking videos, feet pics/vids, general nudes, naked photoshoots and I also offer customs!"

The woman claims to make on average $350,000 (£253,000) a month and says she has 17,741 subscribers.

Creepily, the woman recalled how she has been recognised for her OnlyFans in real life.

A user asked: "Have you ever been recognised?"

To which the woman responded that she has been six times.

Asked if it was awkward, she replied: "Only one! I've learned it's only awkward if they make it awkward."

It comes as OnlyFans top earners bag 270 times more cash than the average Brit employee.

And a pregnant mum sells maternity undies to kinky fans – and will live-stream birth for £10k.

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