People just realising they have been opening their advent calendars wrong

A bloke has left TikTok users divided after he claimed people have been opening their advent calendars in the wrong order and showed them 'the correct way.'

The lad, who is known under the username @supernoodle2, filmed himself tucking into his Cadbury's advent calendar, marking the countdown to Christmas.

However, viewers were left baffled when he opened door 24 instead of door 1 on December 1 – but he had a simple explanation.

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In the video, which has gained more than 1,700 likes, he wrote: "Advent calendars count down to Christmas, not up.

"You've been doing it wrong your whole life."

But people were left divided over it in the comments section as some users thought he made a solid argument while others disagreed,

Sticking up for the TikToker, one user said: "My dad said we should start from 24 and I laughed but apparently he's not the only one."

Another added: "This way just makes way more sense."

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A third commented: "THIS IS WHAT I WAS SAYING."

Others pointed out that in some advent calendars the 24th treat is the biggest to mark Christmas.

One user wrote: "So then why is the best thing on the 24th or 25th?"

Another commented: "Never seen someone so confidently wrong."

A third said: "When I opened number 1 it says 24 sleeps."

The news comes as people are only just realising why we put up Xmas trees – and what odd red light is for.

Most people will have noticed there's a small red bulb on their lights – but fewer people would have noticed it actually has an important function.

Until recently it appears many people had no idea what it actually does – but a woman revealed the mystery behind it on TikTok, and it's left people amazed.


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