People reveal the VERY funny labels they've spotted

Always read the fine print! People reveal the VERY funny labels they’ve spotted – including a hand dryer that’s ‘not a urinal’

  • Diply has rounded up photos from around the world of very funny labels 
  • One image shows a pills that have a warning not to use underneath instructions
  • Another snap shows a hand dryer in a public restroom labelled as not a urinal  

Many of us are guilty of overlooking labels on items we use daily, but these hilarious images show we could be missing out on jokes deliberately placed by the manufacturers.

People from around the world have taken to social media to share hilarious labels they’ve spotted in unexpected places, with Diply rounding up a selection of the best examples in a gallery.

Among the snaps is a hand dryer in a public restroom labelled as not a urinal, while another photo shows a warning sign that’s almost impossible to read.

Elsewhere, is a photo of a bottle of pills that have a warning against being used despite having instructions on the amount to take and when.

Nobody likes a dry crust! A woman from the US who received a label maker as a wedding gift put it to good use around the house 

Do not unzip! One man was in a public restroom when he spotted a Dyson hand dryer with an amusing label stating that it is not a urinal 

One person tried to discourage people in their house from tampering with their groceries by labelling one item ‘poison’

Diply has rounded up a selection of funny signs that have gone viral on social media – including a warning sign that’s almost impossible to read 

Don’t take as prescribed! An individual hoping to have a peaceful night’s sleep was left torn about taking sedatives after spotting a warning label advising against use 

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Surprise! A shopper in the US bought a cake from Ben & Jerry’s that was labelled ‘mystery’ and discounted after the employees forgot to label the flavour 

A homeowner in the U.S was left in hysterics after spotting the lyrics to the hokey cokey labelled on their doormat 

Another household used a label maker to vent their frustrations about the microwave being left messy 

Stating the obvious! A warning on a paper shedder included an illustration of a person among the list of items not to try shredding 

A clothing manufacturer offered their buyer advice not to slap pandas in addition to instructions on how to care for the garment 

Another person spotted ingredients mentioned by Willy Wonka on the label of their beer bottle 

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