Personal trainer exposes 'fake' Instagram transformations

How to get an Insta-worthy booty shot without going to the gym: Personal trainer reveals how tweaks like lifting your underwear and pulling back your shoulders create the illusion of a pert derrière

  • Georgina Cox, from Middlesbrough, showed how posing could change physique 
  • Personal trainer showed how people could do things to appear smaller 
  • Exposed fake Instagram ‘transformations’ showing could be done in 10 seconds 

A personal trainer has exposed ‘fake’ Instagram transformations by demonstrating how anyone can change their body positions to ‘slim down’ and ‘remove cellulite’ in just a matter of seconds.

Middlesbrough-based personal trainer Georgina Cox demonstrated how changing the position of her underwear instantly changes the appearance of her physique – without the use of filters. 

In the first video posted to Instagram, the fitness guru can be seen facing away from the camera, with her underwear positioned on her hips. 

She then pulls up her briefs so they sit high up on her waist before tensing her muscles, pulling her shoulders back and breathing in, revealing a perkier-looking posterior and more toned physique. 

Middlesbrough-based personal trainer Georgina Cox showed how changing the position of her underwear instantly changes how her physique looks. Pictured, the clip starts with the underwear on her hips 

She then shows how you can fake an Instagram ‘transformation’ in 10 seconds, by pulling up your underwear, tensing your muscles, pushing your shoulders back and breathing in

Alongside the clip, Georgina urged her 162,000 Instagram followers to be ‘mindful of everything you’re consuming.’

She explained that when she first started the gym, she tended to follow the incredible ‘transformations’ on fitness accounts and ‘believed’ the pictures being presented to her.   

However, she added that the accounts that were supposed to ‘motivate’ her, actually left her ‘questioning’ her hard work – and resulted in her comparing her results to everybody else’s.  

In a caption posted to social media, Georgina penned: ‘For years I GENUINELY believed that these two-week transformations were real, and they were always paired with a product that helped them “achieve” this drastic change. 

Alongside the clip, Georgina urged her 162,000 Instagram followers to be ‘mindful of everything you’re consuming’, as she demonstrated the change in how her physique looks through four simple steps 

‘It’s so important to be aware of the images you’re consuming and the realities behind them, there are so many factors than can COMPLETELY change how someone looks! 

‘Posing, angles, lighting and clothing placement will ALL contribute to the many incredible forms of our bodies, but these factors can be used against us.’ 

Georgina also shared a second video demonstrating how ‘natural’ beach poses perhaps aren’t so natural after all. 

She begins the clip sitting down, with her bikini bottoms pulled up to her waist while reaching her arms out high in the air. 

The personal trainer tenses her back and glutes and leans forward with her weight on her feet – giving the appearance of a peachier posterior. 

As she relaxes her pose, she sits comfortably, with her physique ‘appearing’ to change before our very eyes.

This clip demonstrates how posing emphasises her muscles, which isn’t as apparent when she relaxes. 

Alongside the video, she wrote: ‘Posing is definitely a contributing FACTOR to the vast majority of images we scroll past, but when it comes to muscle, BODY COMPOSITION will EMPHASISE these poses.

In a second video, Georgina shows how beach poses aren’t always natural, and people’s physiques look different when they are relaxed 

‘When you build muscle, specifically your UPPER body like your back and shoulders, and build your LOWER body like your legs and glutes, you are able to create the ILLUSION of a smaller waist, ESPECIALLY in certain poses.

Speaking of her own body composition Georgina, who says she has a genetically small waist, explained that when she’s relaxed and engages her muscles, the muscle she’s built is more ‘prominent.’ 

‘She added: ‘I’m not JUST posing, I’m TENSING the muscles in my back AND my lower body!’ 

The personal trainer went on to end her post by urging her followers not to ‘waste another summer’ by comparing their bodies to anyone else – and to just focus on themselves. 

The fitness fanatic sat with her bikini bottoms pulled up to her waist and said she was tensing her back and glutes and that she was leaning forward with her weight on her feet

She then demonstrated how different someone’s body could look if they were relaxed and told her 162,000 followers: ‘Don’t waste another summer comparing your body!’ 

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