Poundland places their range of sex toys in view of children

Parents’ fury at Poundland after shop places SEX TOYS in view of children above boxes of chocolates

  • Poundland in Stoke-on-Trend is selling a range of sex toys priced from £8 
  • Customers have taken to social media blasting the product placement
  • Many argue it’s inappropriate for the products to be in view for young children 

Poundland has sparked outrage from parents after a shopper spotted sex toys on their shelves above boxes of chocolate. 

The discount retailer has a range of underwear and electronic devices in full view of children that enter the Stoke-on-Trent store.

Photos shows the goods on shelves above boxes of Quality Street and Miniature Heroes  as part of its Valentine’s Day range. 

Shoppers were shocked by the battery-powered bargains that were priced at £8.

Many have taken to social media to vent their fury of the products being placed in plain sight for kids to see.   

Poundland has been blasted by customers across England after placing sex toys on shelves within view and reach of children (pictured) 

Jayn  Wainwright, 61, from Stoke-on-Trent, told Stoke-on-Trent Live,: ‘I do not think they should have them. They are not appropriate. 

‘People should go to a sex shop if they want to buy them. Young children go in there. They might start asking questions which parents do not want to answer at that point.’

Jane Stanaway, aged 67, and Sylvia Stanaway, aged 62, have also been left unimpressed by the store.

Jane said: ‘It is not really appropriate for Poundland to be selling this sort of stuff. It is not Ann Summers.’

Sylvia added: ‘They should keep it to the sex shops. Poundland is a family shop.’

Margaret Jackson, 72, added: ‘It is disgusting. My husband and I just saw them. It is best for that sort of stuff to be kept to the sex shops or online. They should not be on show.’   

Shoppers visiting Poundland on Stock-on-Trent said it’s ‘not appropriate’ for the store to be selling sex toys because children will start asking questions 

A stream of Twitter users have vented their fury, with one mother comparing the discount retailer to Ann Summers 

Images of the sex toys on the selves of Poundland have been circulating on social media, with one Twitter user writing: ‘They are never on the top shelf always eye level. Poundland has become very cheap and tacky. Head office think that it’s amusing to sell sex toys and there is more items planned. The staff are forced to sell this filth when they only signed up work in a normal shop, not a sex shop.’

Another said: ‘Hey @Poundland, if you’re going to be selling sex toys in a store where children shop, at least have the decency to place the Bonkin’ Bunny and Remote Controlled Love Egg stock out of their sight and reach. #inappropriate’

A third wrote: ‘Sorry @Poundland but this is disgusting. Dildos, butt plus and other sex toys on the selves for kids to see! Not the place!’

‘@Poundland have been into my local Poundland and I’m totally disgusted to see a range of dildo and other sex toys on display. I had both my two children with me. My six-year-old asked what they are! I’m fuming. You are not Ann Summers. I’m utterly livid that it’s deemed acceptable,’ another added.

Others claimed they are more horrified by the price than Poundland’s decision to sell sex toys

A fifth commented: ‘Why are @Poundland selling sex toys? Am I in another dimension’

Others seemed unbothered by the placement of the products but admitted they were shocked by the pricing.

One wrote: ‘Poundland selling sex toys? I wouldn’t mind but they’re not even a pound’

Another said: ‘If I was in Poundland I’d be more angry about the price’

Poundland has been approached for a comment.

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