Prince Harry, Meghan Markle deny theyre suing over South Park portrayal

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have no intentions of suing the creators of “South Park” over a recent episode seemingly aimed at the controversial couple.

Despite reports that the pair are pursuing legal action against the animated series, a spokesperson for Markle, 41, and Harry, 38, told People that “it’s all frankly nonsense. Totally baseless, boring reports.”

The clarification comes after Comedy Central released a new episode Wednesday. Titled “Worldwide Privacy Tour,” the plot follows the “prince and princess of Canada” as they move to a fictional Colorado town to get out of the press.

Throughout the episode, the couple — who bares a striking resemblance to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex — hold up signs saying “we want our privacy” and “stop looking at us.”

However, they also seemingly draw a lot of attention to themselves by hanging up the banners outside their home and doing interviews.

At one point, the characters even go on the talk show “Good Morning Canada” to promote the prince’s new book, “Waaagh” — a clear nod to Harry’s jaw-dropping memoir, “Spare.”

And yet, while the couple might not be taking the showrunners to court, they apparently didn’t take the joke very well.

The former “Suits” star is reportedly “upset and overwhelmed” and “annoyed by ‘South Park’ but refuses to watch it all,” a source told the Spectator.

Meanwhile, sources say Prince William — who is reportedly no longer on speaking terms with his younger brother — might get a kick out of the whole thing.

“William, I’m sure, doesn’t watch ‘South Park,’” a royal insider said on “Good Morning Britain,” adding, “But I reckon one of his friends will have seen it on social media and [sent a clip his way].”

“I think he’s probably seen it and will have had a wry smile on his face [when watching].”

Markle and Harry stepped back from their royal duties in 2020 before relocating to California due to their mistreatment by the media and its impact on Markle’s mental health.

Despite leaving behind their royal duties, the couple have continued to speak out against their time in the royal family in their docuseries “Harry & Meghan” and in countless other interviews.

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