‘Pure’ Season 2 Preview: Anna Faces Off Against A Cartel Worker — Watch

Anna Funk is settling into her new executive position within the cartel and she shows in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the all-new episode of ‘Pure’ that she’s not going to take any push back.

Anna Funk knows this next run has to be flawless. In this EXCLUSIVE preview of the June 11 episode of Pure, she’s timing her workers and it’s not going as well as she had hoped. She tells her foreman that he and his men aren’t fast enough. He says they need another man. “The driver will be with his lady friend in the building next door and we will be in daylight,” Anna says. “The longer this takes, the greater the risk.”

When the foreman tries to push back and says the risks don’t apply to her, Noah’s strong-willed wife quips, “There is risk. For everyone.” The man replies, “Who makes more money if it goes as planned? Who goes to jail if it doesn’t? He brings up the fact that she’s worried about her son and would do anything to get him back from the Mexicanos.

Anna refuses to take this kind of behavior from her foreman, so she names Rudolph the new one. She asks him to take the crowbar to the other guy’s neck and set him straight. It doesn’t take long for the former foreman to fall in line with her demands.

The series, based on true events of the Mennonite mob, takes us deep inside a closed, secretive subculture through the eyes of a conflicted, good-hearted man, Noah Funk, trying to protect his family and preserve his faith. The second season shines a light on the women in the series, specifically, Noah’s wife Anna, a fascinating character in that will soon join the ranks of powerful female anti-heroes. Pure airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on WGN America.

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