Rachel Real Estate: These Are All The Homes Owned By Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston became a global celebrity after appearing in the blockbuster sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S for a decade, playing the character of Rachel Green. While the parallels might be too far-fetched, it can be said that Jennifer Aniston bears quite the resemblance with her on-screen character of Rachel when it comes to the taste for finer things. With a net worth of $300 Million, Jennifer Aniston has a massive real estate portfolio that is as desirable as her.

Jennifer Aniston has owned numerous homes designed by renowned architects in posh Californian localities like Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Montecito, and New York on the east coast.

The $13.1 Million Beverly Hills Home

Jennifer Aniston was married to Brad Pitt from 2000 to 2005. During this time, the super-rich couple bought a lavish French Normandy-style estate for a whopping $13.1 Million in 2001. Initially built in 1934, the famous architect from Southern California, Edwin Wallace Neff, designed this mansion. The couple customized the estate, adding several exquisite amenities.

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Boasting a living space of 12000 square feet, this $13.1 Million estate features a private screening room, a pub with wooden floors, and a kitchen with heated marble floors. Other amenities included a private tennis court and a luxury guest house to host the visitors. Following Jennifer’s and Brad’s divorce in 2005, the couple sold off the property for $28 Million, as reported by AD, thus doubling their $13.1 Million investment.

The Bel-Air Mansion

After Jennifer Aniston divorced Brad Pitt in 2005, she went on to live in a rented apartment in Malibu with a modest 1531 square feet of living space with a stunning beach view. But Jennifer’s love for designer houses brought her back to Beverly Hills in 2006, where she cashed out $13.5 million for a hillside residence designed by renowned architect Harold W. Levitt. After her expensive buy, she hired designer Stephen Shadley to transform the mansion into a new experience.

Jennifer Aniston spent a couple of years designing her 10000 square feet mansion into a Balinese-inspired retreat featuring pretty koi-ponds, centrally-heated travertine floors, and Brazilian cumaru eaves. She made it the perfect retreat for the classic Hollywood get-togethers and even named her home ‘Ohana’ as per Forbes. Jennifer bid goodbye to Ohana in 2011, selling it off for $38 Million, thus making a hefty profit.

Right after selling her Beverly Hills mansion, Jennifer Aniston bought herself yet another lavish mansion in Bel-Air, California, while shelling out $20.97 million. Initially designed by Quincy Jones, the 8500 square feet property consists of 4 bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms with a stunning panoramic view, wine dining, and a lavish pool, as mentioned by Square Yards. She again hired designer Stephen Shadely to customize the property to make it less minimal, more comfortable and inviting. Jennifer stayed in this property with her ex-husband Justin Thoreux until their divorce in 2018, and she continues to remain there to date.

The Lavish Montecito Farmhouse Bought From Oprah Winfrey

After buying the $20.97 Million Bel-air mansion, Jennifer Aniston took a break from real estate until she bought an extravagant $14.8 Million farmhouse from the renowned talk show host Oprah Winfrey. Located in Montecito, Santa Barbara, this lavish mansion is surrounded by high-profile neighbors, including the likes of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Ariana Grande, and Ellen DeGeneres, as reported by Style. This mansion was built in 1998 and is one of the most expensive properties in Jennifer’s impressive portfolio.

The lavish Mediterranean-style farmhouse is spread across 7 acres and features four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms after a series of extensive renovations over the years. The property is laden with an incredible sea view and mountain view. Oprah Winfrey acquired this property in 2021 for a reported $10.5 Million and, at that time, featured one large mansion alongside two small cottages and lush green compounds. Oprah has divided the property into two halves and sold the main farmhouse to Jennifer and the other two cottages to her personal trainer.

Jennifer Aniston’s substantial real estate portfolio perfectly encapsulates her enthusiasm for designer homes. Most of her properties are based in California, and she has bought and sold several houses since 2001, making a good amount of profit from these sales. Jennifer is enthusiastic about designer homes and spends much time redesigning her newly acquired properties.

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