Reza Slams 'Unaccountable Bitch' Mike as Sexting Scandal Blows Up Even More on Shahs of Sunset

After Mike cops to sexting with another woman, he starts a new feud with Reza and GG over “spoof” texts he got after being exposed.

If you thought the sexting scandal on “Shahs of Sunset” would end after Mike Shouhed admitted to sending explicit messages to women other than girlfriend Paulina, man were you wrong.

On Sunday’s new episode, Shouhed started pointing fingers at other cast members for “trying to ruin” his relationship and telling them all “there’s a snake in this group” who has it out for him.

Shahs of Sunset's Mike Shouhed Finally Admits to Sending Sexts, 'Hurting' Paulina

He claimed that after Paulina shared screenshots of his sexts with all of his friends, he started getting “these random text messages” from another number “f—ing with me.” He called them “sexual spoof messages” that came from an app that “allows you to send out text messages and you’ll never know who sent” them. He believed whoever was sending them knew Paulina had access to his iCloud and would see them — and then said Reza Farahan told him, off-camera, that Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi was the one who was sending them.

Both Reza and GG were furious about the accusation, with Reza denying he ever said such a thing to Mike and GG adamantly denying sending Mike any “spoof” sexts.

“He’s admitting to texting women about f—ing them in the a— and we’re talking about me and Golnesa?!” exclaimed Reza, who felt Mike was simply deflecting to get the heat off of him after coming clean. Paulina then got mad at Reza for bringing up the explicit specifics of Mike’s sexts in front of her.

“I did not say these things to you, he wants to make me look bad,” Reza continued. “You’re a cheater and you hide everything!”

“He doesn’t want to lose Paulina. I’m sick of him, he’s the biggest victim bitch in the world. He’s got his girl accepting whatever story, good, let them accept that story. I don’t give a f—,” Farahan then said to GG. “He literally sat and told us in front of his girl on his birthday he’s texting with a lady about f—-ing in the a– and he wants to talk to me and you about spoof texts? Talk about the ones where you’re talking about f—ing other women in the a–. Talk about that!”

“You are a pathological liar. I f—-ed up but you told me she texted me,” Mike shouted back. “I’m telling you on my life. He called me at night, it was like 8:00 at night, we were talking and I said, ‘I’m getting these spoof text messages, what’s going on, is it you?’ He’s like, ‘Mike, you’re so sloppy. You keep f—-ing up.’ He goes, ‘It’s GG, I swear to God I’ll f— you up if you tell anyone.”

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Calling Mike an “unaccountable bitch,” Reza stormed off, said he’d be leaving their Palm Springs getaway first thing in the morning and expressed shock that somehow he “ended up being the bad guy at a birthday dinner where the cheater admitted to the cheating.” He made good on his word and left before anyone woke up the next morning.

The rest of the cast talked about the accusations after Reza left. Destiney Rose didn’t believe Reza ever accused GG of sending the spoof texts, MJ thought it was possible and GG herself said it made the most sense/was easier to accept than Mike lying about it. Mike, meanwhile, started to believe Reza threw GG under the bus because Farahan was actually the one sending the messages.

The episode ended with Mike having a heart-to-heart with Paulina about everything that went down, with him promising to “make a conscious effort to see things from your perspective before I do it … so I don’t ever hurt you ever again.”

“The one thing with cheating or talking to other woman, this is something I cannot ever be okay with,” she told him. “Literally, either you stop or I can’t. I have to respect myself. I have too much respect for myself to be able to stand for something like that, I won’t.”

“Shahs of Sunset” airs Sundays on Bravo.

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