Ripped tattoo model says being inked in most painful place was something else

A fitness coach and model opened up about the worst areas to be tattooed – and it’s not where you may think.

Tauren Jay, 29, said lots assume his huge neck piece must have been the most agonising.

But he said that was a breeze compared to the back of his skull and hands which was “something else” entirely.

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The Brummie, who lives in Manchester, spoke to Daily Star about his unforgettable wincing needle sessions where the discomfort level was a ten out of ten.

He said: “There are two areas in which I struggled the most and most will be like ‘oh I guess the throat was painful’ but not at all, that was probably one of the easiest.

“So the worst for me was where the tattoo on my throat goes around to the back of my neck, I have a little bit behind the ear at the back of my skull.

“As soon as they started tattooing the back of my skull, oh my god, that was something else.

“I have my little pain scale so I will go for a tattoo and they will say ‘how is that’ and I will say six if it’s a bit pinchy or an eight if it is a bit unbearable.

“But for this one he said ‘how are you doing with this’ and I said it was a 10 and he asked did I want to stop but I told him to keep going because he had already started.

“It was definitely the worst.”

As for the second sorest, he added: “Most people are pretty surprised by this but it is my hands.

“I have a bit of a phobia for veins and arteries and it’s funny because I have a phobia of doing to get my bloods done.

“People look at me weird when I say I am funny with needles because they see me covered in tattoos.

“But the tattoos are superficial needles and don’t go too deep but they go very deep and straight into your veins and it just sends me a bit wobbly.

“So it is the same concept with the hands, because the veins are so superficial when they cross over them it sends the heebie jeebies through me and it made me a little bit nauseous.

“That is the one time I have ever felt like I could possibly be sick, especially on my left hands because I have a tree going into the roots on my left arm and the roots extend onto my fingers.

“So when they were doing that I was like ‘wow this is quite emotional this’… those are the two most painful.”

In part one of our interview with Tauren he revealed how unrecognisable he used to look without ink.

There he tells how he was first inspired by body art and muscular physiques after watching his favourite WWE heroes as a kid.

He is now thrilled with his transformation and he hopes to add more ink to his collection going forward.

And to read about his specific tattoos and why some are incredibly meaningful, you can do so here.


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