Ron Perlman Calls on Friend Joe Biden to Go Back to Afghanistan and Evacuate Everyone Who Wants Out

“Anybody who wants to leave gets a free ride from us.”

Joe Biden’s hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan has received a lot of criticism from his opponents… and some of his friends.

On Monday the world was horrified by images of Afghani people falling to their deaths as they desperately tried to cling to departing US evacuation planes, as America suddenly left the country to the mercy of the Taliban after 20 years of keeping the peace.

Among those horrified was staunch Biden supporter Ron Perlman, who posted a video Tuesday morning begging the President to get back in there and offer a “free ride” to anyone who wants out — including American allies who are now left to fend for themselves.

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“Morning Mr President… my friend, Joe,” the “Hellboy” star addressed.

“I’ve been tossing and turning all night giving this a great deal of thought… and there is one way you can save the day here. And that is: to tell the Taliban that you are going to escort every Afghan that wants to leave the Taliban behind, to the airport and put them on planes to safety.”

“Every last one of them. Women, girls, our interpreters, the people who’ve helped us the 20 years we were there. Every single Afghan who knows that their life is in danger, by this swift and hasty set of circumstances.”

He continued: “Our withdrawal, the fact that the government was never stood up to be able to withhold the swift takeover, and everything that ensued since.”

“So what you gotta do is, you just gotta tell the Taliban ‘We’re coming in. We’re going to get everybody, from all the outskirts of Afghanistan, to the airport. Anybody who wants to leave gets a free ride from us.”

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“And then we leave that place to those people.”

He concluded: “Anyway, my two cents. Thanks for listening joe.”

After retaking the country with barely a fight — despite Biden promising the Afghan government’s well-prepared 300,000-strong army would be able to withstand 75,000 Taliban — the Islamic group vowed to reinstate Sharia Law, but insisted women’s rights would be respected, and those who helped the US would not be punished.

“We assure you that nobody will go to their doors to ask why they helped,” spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said in his first news conference on Tuesday, per AP.

However many older generations of Afghanis, who remember the days of public stoning and amputations before the post-9/11 US-led invasion, remain skeptical.

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