Rugby match with William was a difficult call for Kate

Prince and Princess Wales at the England vs Wales rugby match

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The royal couple met injured players and opened the Sir Tasker Watkins Suite at Principality Stadium, in Cardiff, ahead of the Six Nations match. Kate and William, who share a passion for sports and are both rugby patrons, seemed to be enjoying the match but body language expert Judi James opined that the event “was a difficult call” for the royal couple.

Judi, who analysed the couple’s non-verbal communication during the sports event, commented that “nothing gets the Wales’s body language signals buzzing more than a competitive event and in the rivalry stakes this Wales v England rugby match could hardly have been more ideal”.

“Having to stand side by side as a royal couple but also to stay true to their team loyalties was a difficult call but Kate at least managed to pull it off perfectly,” the body language expert opined.

The Princess of Wales is patron of the Rugby Football Union and England’s Rugby Football League while Prince William is patron of the Welsh Rugby Union.

Prince William showed “signs of sheepish good humour, performing checking gestures with his scarf as he entered the stadium before shoving his hands into his coat pockets,” the expert commented.

Kate’s non-verbal signals, on the other hand, “were more about the kind of steely determination and leadership that will motivate a team on to a win”.

Kate arrived at the event “looking demure, holding her chic little bag in front of her torso, but once she got to the welcoming line-up the cheeky competitiveness became visible,” Judi commented.

In fact, the Princess of Wales looked more stylish than ever donning her Catherine Walker red and white tweed coat.

She combined it with a black turtleneck dress underneath and black ankle boots.

The royal chose to recycle the chic coat which she first wore in Sweden in 2018 when she was pregnant with Prince Louis.

Kate finished her look with a white mini handbag, black gloves and a pair of delicate diamond drop earrings.

The Princess looked “elegant and beautiful”, as some royal fans said on social media, but she also looked confident and determined during the match.

Judi commented: “Especially in one telling gesture where she pointed to the man she was greeting as though insisting on a win before doing a thumb-jerk gesture and glance to her husband as though jokily belittling the competition.”

The body language expert also observed a gesture that “made Kate look like the host”.

“Once she had met one man on arrival she did a quick, firm, confident hand scoop gesture to let William know it was his turn to meet the man next. It made her look like the host, hosting William and showing him around,” the body language guru claimed.

“Kate’s steering gesture to William and the way she led him into the stadium and their seats also put her in the role of control.”

Meeting a room full of injured players, Kate “turned swiftly to drop her bag off before working her way round the tables laughing and looking as though she was exchanging some banter”.

Judi added that standing side by side in the stands it would be “Kate’s team you would put money on for a win”.

“Her chin was high, and her lips were clamped or pursed to suggest an assured confidence in terms of the final score,” she commented.

Prince William became patron of the Welsh Rugby Union and the Welsh Rugby Charitable Trust in 2016 after he took over from Queen Elizabeth.

The Princess of Wales took over the role from Prince Harry in 2022 when she was named patron of England’s Rugby Football League and the Rugby Football Union.

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