Sainsburys accused of being drunk as it launches pigs in blankets sushi

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Sainsbury’s has included pigs in blankets sushi in its Christmas range this year.

The supermarket has provided a festive twist on the Japanese favourite and people aren’t quite sure what to make of the quirky combination.

On Facebook, the product has received a mixed response.

While some think the food mash-up sounds delicious, others said they won’t be shopping at Sainsbury’s if they keep releasing “silly” products.

One commenter said: "Pigs in sushi blankets. If that’s the best they’re coming up with for Christmas I won’t be shopping there.”

Another said: “Somebody on Sainsbury’s tasting panel been on a bender coming up with them great ideas. Awful that."

A third wrote: “This makes me feel sick.”

And a fourth added: “It’s getting silly now.”

Despite the negativity, some can’t wait to try the pigs in blankets sushi.

One joked: “I think I’m ready to try sushi now.”

Another said: “A sushi I can get behind.”

And a third commented: “Christmas dinner sorted.”

If you do want to try the pigs in blanket sushi, you can pick it up from November for £3.

If you are a pigs in blankets fan, we do have some bad news for you.

Brits' beloved pigs in blankets, hams and possibly even turkeys could all be wiped off the menu this Christmas.

The shortage of available workers from overseas looks set to ruin the festive season with many of our popular party foods expected to be hard to come by in the run-up to the big day on December 25.

The British Meat Processors Association has revealed that the industry is missing some 15,000 workers in the wake of Brexit, forcing butchers to focus on the absolute basics and forget about then little extras that make Christmas special.

A representative from the association said that there was a drive to recruit British workers but even with a boost to butchers’ wages – and therefore a sharp rise in meat prices – they were struggling to make up the numbers.

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