‘Secret’ Henry Hoover hack that keeps vacuum upright blows people’s minds

A woman has left viewers amazed after sharing her a solution to keep her Henry Hoover handle upright.

Alice said she has been struggling for years to stop the long handle from falling but has since found a hidden spot on the machine to secure the handle.

Sharing the trick on TikTok, @alicebullock491 says: "So how have I gone nearly 20 years not knowing this was a thing?

"And that I don't have to get annoyed with it falling over anymore."

She films the little vacuum cleaner from a top view – showing the back where the wheels are – then brings the handle closer and clicks it into a slot between the two wheels.

The secret hack video has amassed more than 860,000 views since Alice shared it on Friday, March 26.

Some viewers said they only learned about the special slot after watching Alice's video, while others commented that it was "not a new thing".

One mum said: "I've had Henry's for 30 years and never knew until my daughter showed me last year."

"I swear I learn more on TikTok these days," another wrote. "I always try to balance it against the wall and get annoyed when it just falls!"

A third added: "40 years and found out today. It's a game changer."

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"Because you all didn't read all of the instruction manual," another replied.

"I thought everyone knew this," a second chimed in.

Meanwhile, another TikTok user has divided the internet after sharing her "life hack" to get a can of drink from a plastic wrapper.

She placed a can on top of the plastic wrapper and rubbed on it until the packaging came off, but some called it time-wasting.

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