Shopper is left fuming after a bikini from PLT barely covered breasts

Shopper is left fuming after size 16 PrettyLittleThing bikini barely covered her breasts – but expert claims she ‘ordered the wrong size’

  • Lydia Ramsey, 20, ordered a £25 blue bandage bikini from Pretty Little Thing
  • Shopper from Gloucester said the top was ‘two sizes bigger than my actual size’
  • Style expert Lucas Armitage told FEMAIL getting a bikini to fit is ‘quite complex’

A shopper was left fuming after a bikini she sized up in didn’t fit – however a style expert has said that ordering swimwear isn’t as simple as sticking to your dress size. 

Lydia Ramsey, 20, from Gloucester, posted a picture of a £25 cobalt blue bandage bikini that barely covered her boobs on Twitter. 

Sharing the badly fitting bikini from Pretty Little Thing with her followers, Lydia wrote: ‘Never buying a bikini from @OfficialPLT again, sizing is not right.’

However styling expert Lucas Armitage told FEMAIL: ‘Getting a well fitting bikini is quite complex and not as easy as just ordering your dress size – there is no way Lydia’s bust is usually a size 12.

Lydia Ramsey, 20, pictured, said she would ‘never buy a bikini’ from Pretty Little Thing again after the size 16 top she ordered, and had sized up in, barely covered her breasts

However style expert Lucas Armitage told FEMAIL that ‘getting a well fitting bikini is complex and not as easy as just ordering your dress size.’ Pictured is the blue bikini on PLT’s website

‘The way bikinis are sized is varied. Some bikinis are sized in a traditional bra size others in dress sizes. 

‘Whilst you may be a specific dress size, your bust size may not be proportionate. To me this lady looks like she has a larger bust than dress size and is experiencing problems with the fit.

‘I’d recommend that she buys swimwear where the sizing is done in bra sizing to avoid this happening again.’

In Lydia’s picture she is seen squeezed into the size 16 blue bikini, but the garment doesn’t cover her breasts and sits on top of them.

Lydia, pictured, said she would never buy ‘a bikini from @OfficialPLT again’ as their ‘sizing is not right’

The fashion fan, pictured, said she ‘bought two sizes bigger than my actual size’ for the swim wear which PLT describes as being perfect to ‘team with your fave sunnies’ at the pool

She explained in another tweet how she had ordered ‘two sizes bigger than my actual size’ for the bikini. 

A picture from the brand’s website shows the cobalt item comfortably sitting on a model’s chest, leaving gaps to show the middle and side of her breasts.

Pretty Little Thing describes the item as being perfect for a pool party and for pairing with sunglasses online.

They wrote: ‘Be a poolside princess in this hella cute beach party set. In a bandage cut out style its everything we’re currently lovin’. Team with your fave sunnies and wear with confidence, girl.’ 

Lydia, tweet pictured, was annoyed after she tried on the bikini and shared a picture of it and the item worn by a model on Twitter

Some said that the fashionable bikini looked like it was designed for ‘smaller chested people’

Several of her followers replied and said they were shocked at how small the bikini was

Others said they were ‘howling’ with laughter after seeing the blue bandage bikini on Lydia

Several of Lydia’s followers replied to her tweet, with some saying that they thought the bikini was made with ‘smaller chested people in mind’.

However others said they were ‘howling’ with laughter and couldn’t believe the sizing.

One person said: ‘Dead. Your norks still manage to look decent tho cudos for that.’

While another added: ‘Cannot believe this!’ 

Others said they also faced similar problems, even when they size up for swimwear

Others empathised with Lydia and said ‘happens to me every time and I even size up three sizes for bikini tops.’ 

And someone else tagged their friends and said: ‘Omg this is like that bikini I got.’ 

Pretty Little Thing replied to Lydia’s tweet and said: ‘Sorry to hear about this! Pop us a DM and we’ll be able to look into it for you.’ 

However their ‘interesting’ choice of words left some laughing and questioning why they said ‘pop’.

PLT replied to Lydia and asked her to ‘pop’ them a DM which also made people laugh

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