So Many Celebs Want Us to Wear Heels With Our Comfy Clothes and Please, No

The good news: celebrities have been ditching their jeans in favor of comfy pants, and everyone from Rihanna to Mary-Kate Olsen is on board. The bad news? They're now pairing those live-in leggings, cozy sweatpants, and other loose-fitting options with heels. Heels. As in, the world's least-comfy shoe. Our feet are not on board.

We understand wanting to look nice, but ladies, what happened to sneakers? Ballet flats? Heck, we'll even settle for a Jennifer-Aniston-approved wedge. It's our personal nightmare to lug our suitcase through the airport in stilettos, or pull on platform boots after a grueling workout. Can't we just go back to the way things were? Please?

Of course, we mean this all in good fun. While the trend is clearly on the rise as of late, it isn't actually new (hello, Carrie Bradshaw). It's actually the perfect solution for when our friends invite us out on a Friday night, and we're looking to achieve that laidback-but-still-cute balance. Sweats and heels it is!

On top of Rihanna pairing her gray set with Manolo Blahniks, see some other stars serving up inspiration for this interesting combo.

Kate Beckinsale paired her sports bra and sheer-panel leggings with some slouchy, heeled boots. 

Priyanka Chopra-Jonas went with a full groutfit at the airport, and matched her sweatsuit to her booties.

Bella Hadid looked pretty casual in her oversize camo shirt and yoga pants, but took things up a notch with a pair of heels.

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