Sugar daddy, 54, says adult star girlfriend, 26, is too tired for sex

Man, 54, whose adult model girlfriend, 26, sees past his mobility scooter and 4ft 10in frame claims she’s too tired to keep up with HIM in the bedroom – as the couple reveal they plan to wed

  • Sarah Russi, 26, fell for one-time child star Mason Reese, 54, in December
  • The unlikely couple have been inseparable since and say they’re madly in love 
  • Mason, 54, is 4ft 10 and rides a mobility scooter; Sarah is an adult model
  • Pair revealed they have sex around twice a week but he says he’d like it more
  • Sarah denies she’s a sugar baby, saying he pays for treats but not her big bills
  • The happy pair plan to wed if they’re still this happy in two years’ time 

A sugar daddy and his girlfriend, who have 28 years between them, say they have a very healthy sex life – although they can’t get intimate as often as they’d like because of her work as an adult model.

Unlikely couple Mason Reese, 54, who stands at just 4ft 10 and rides a mobility scooter, met Sarah Russi, 26, just before Christmas after she went to a horror convention he was attending. 

Seven months into their passionate love affair, the couple say they’re head-over-heels in love and might even marry. 

Appearing on This Morning, Mason, a former child star, and cam girl Sarah also hit back at accusations that she’s simply a ‘sugar baby’ trying to cash in on an older man’s money, saying Mason pays for treats but not her bigger bills such as rent or her cell phone. 

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Mason Reese, 54, and Sarah Russi, 26, appeared on This Morning today to discuss their whirlwind romance; saying they enjoy sex twice a week, although ‘highly sexed’ Mason says he’d prefer it a little more often 

Sarah Russi also responded to accusations that she’s only with Mason, who’s 4ft 10 and drives a mobility scooter, because of his money and because she’s previously worked as a sugar baby, dating older men in return for money

The couple, from New York have defended their unconventional relationship by insisting that they are madly in love with each other – and say they’ll wed if they’re still this happy in two years

The lovers, pictured riding through  Central Park on his mobility scooter, met at a horror film convention and made out for ‘hours’ on their first date

Describing how they first met on December 4th last year, Mason told Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield, he couldn’t believe Sarah was interested in him at first. 

He said: ‘I don’t even know what was going on in my head. At most, it was innocent playful flirting. I didn’t think this beautiful young adult model would find anything remotely attractive about a 54-year-old man.

Describing how the couple ‘made out for hours’ at their first meeting, he also lifted the lid on their sex life, saying he would like it more often. 

Mason told the This Morning duo: ‘I do have a higher sex drive. I’m a highly sexually-driven guy; I may not look it but I am.’ 

Mason told This Morning: I’m a highly sexually-driven guy; I may not look it but I am’. While Sarah says she’s the more affectionate partner in the relationship…

Presenter Holly and Philip said they were ‘happy’ for the couple as their This Morning interview ended

Mason and Sarah had initially made contact on Facebook before meeting in person at The Chiller Theatre Expo in New Jersey

He added: ‘She’s a fairly busy young woman and sometimes at night she’s tired or I’m tired. But we do it maybe twice a week…I might be happier with three.’  

Responding to criticism that Sarah is only dating Mason because she’s attracted by his money and has previously worked as a sugar baby, she said: ‘It doesn’t matter what people think. 

‘We love each other and they can’t take that away from us. Just because I was a sugar baby doesn’t mean I’m after his money. Just because I’m a sugar baby doesn’t mean I can’t have a long-term relationship…’

Mason added: ‘She’s never once said to me: I’m running low, can you help me with rent. I give her a couple of bucks for coffee…sure. I think I’m just a nice boyfriend.’

The couple, who say they ‘laugh together’ while cruising around on New York’s upper west-side on his mobility scoot, plan to wed in two years’ time if they’re still together.   

Sarah told Holly and Phil: ‘I definitely want marriage. We made a deal that if we’re together in two years we’ll get married.

Mason revealed: ‘I’ve never felt the rush to get married. If it’s important to her, it’s important to her. At the one-year mark, we’ll do the ring. Two years in, we’ll absolutely do the rest of the whole commitment ceremony’.

He said the couple are looking into getting ‘sub-dermal’ rings, where diamonds are implanted into the ring finger. She said her parents really liked Mason because he wasn’t a ‘bad boy’ and that he spent Christmas with them in Boston.   

Mason admitted that Sarah is ‘out of his league’, but she has blasted suggestions that she’s with him for money, despite dating sugar daddies in the past 

Sarah may be 22 years younger than her boyfriend, but she said that they have lots in common, and that she’s always been attracted to men in their 50s

Earlier this week, Mason revealed his shock at dating a younger woman, saying: ‘The last time I dated someone 26 is probably when I was 28. My entire life most of the women that I have had relationships with have been my age, or even maybe slightly older than myself. So, this is a new one for me.’

By contrast Sarah admits Mason isn’t even the oldest man she has dated: ‘I really haven’t dated any guys my own age.

‘I usually try to date guys that are in their late 50s, so no he is not the oldest guy that I have dated. 

‘I like older men because they are more mature, I just love the way they look – like I actually like grey hair and bald guys – I don’t know that is what I am attracted to.’

Sarah, an adult model and cam girl, has hit back at claims she’s using Mason as a Sugar Daddy by declaring that she doesn’t ask for his money

The couple, who have been dating for seven months, met at the Chiller Theatre Expo in New Jersey; although they had already been in touch with one another on Facebook.

Sarah explained: ‘I actually sent him a friend request because a friend of mine was talking about him, and she was just mentioning that he was a former child star, and I didn’t know who he was. So I just looked him up and I really liked his videos.’

Mason was previously a regular on the daytime talk show The Mike Douglas Show, and appeared in commercials for Underwood Deviled Ham, Post Raisin Bran, and Dunkin’ Donuts. 

He accepted Sarah’s friend request, spotting that they had some mutual friends.

The happy couple hit it off when they chatted about their mutual interest in the restaurant industry, after initially connecting on Facebook 

When the couple first met, they ended up chatting for hours and kissing each other until 3am, after finding an instant spark 

After exchanging a few messages, the pair agreed to meet up at the horror and pop culture convention. Sarah was working, signing modelling posters and taking pictures with fans.

She said: ‘He was actually waiting for me at my table while I was upstairs so I went down. I saw him and we gave each other a big hug and we spoke for the next three hours, we talked about everything. 

‘We talked about how he used to own restaurants and how I used to be a bartender, and just random other stuff.’

Asking her to go for a drink later, the couple did more than that.

Mason is aware that people wonder why Sarah is with him, and said that on face value he doesn’t look like the kind of man she would fall in love with 

Mason said: ‘We met at the bar and we didn’t stop kissing each other until about 3 o’ clock in the morning.’

Sarah didn’t see the other guy again. She had to wait though for her and Mason’s first date.

She said: ‘We went on a proper date a month after we met because he was in LA.’

But after that, things moved quickly.

Sara said: ‘I think the relationship progressed so quickly because we just hit it off right away.’

The pair admit that their relationship developed at breakneck speed, and they declared their love for each other after just a week 

Mason added: ‘When you meet somebody and you end up talking for three hours effortlessly – no pauses, no breaks, no uncomfortable moments of real silence that’s kind of unusual and I think she felt that way as well.’

From there, the relationship has escalated quickly with the pair saying ‘I love you’ about a week into the relationship and Mason even spending Christmas with Sarah and her parents – just weeks after they made their relationship official.

Sarah still has her Pittsburgh apartment but spends most of her time now in NYC with Mason.

Mason said: ‘Obviously we are lovers, but at the same time we are also good friends.  I think we really enjoy being around each other. I think we make each other laugh a lot. We do have a lot of common interests.’

‘It doesn’t matter how old she is, or where is she’s from or anything else.’

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