Taylor Swift fan gets married in the front row of singer's concert

Fulfilling her Wildest Dreams! Taylor Swift superfan gets MARRIED in the front row of singer’s Arizona concert – after she and her groom spent $1,000 EACH on their tickets

  • Arizona’s René Hurtado, 30, married husband Max at the Saturday event
  • Their wedding was officiated by her best friend in the front row of Taylor concert
  • René went the night before to get the set list and pick the perfect moment 

A Taylor Swift superfan has detailed how she got married at the singer’s concert at Glendale’s State Farm Stadium in Arizona.

René Hurtado, 30, uploaded a TikTok video earlier this week after she and her now husband, Max, got hitched in the front row with her best friend and maid of honor officiating the wedding on Saturday night.

Her first video showed the moments leading up to the event and the ceremony itself, with the overlay text reading ‘POV: you get married at the Taylor Swift concert,’ has been viewed more than 5.2 million times at the time of writing.

In a series of videos, René reveals the process of organizing her wedding after buying row-one tickets and her best friend, who lives in Dallas, Texas, got ordained so she could officiate the wedding.

Taylor Swift superfan René Hurtado, from Arizona, has revealed she got married at the singer’s concert at Glendale’s State Farm Stadium on Saturday

Her first video showing moments leading up to the event and the ceremony itself has been viewed more than 5.2 million times at the time of writing

Initially, the couple had planned to elope on the day of Taylor’s concert and then go to the event ‘like it was our reception.’

But then it escalated after their friends suggested they actually got married at the concert.

‘I was like, “That’s a great idea,” so that became a new idea. [Flash] forward to November, we got our front-row, row-one tickets to Taylor’s concert and then Max gets a little scared,’ René, who told Rolling Stone the couple paid about $1,000 each for their tickets, said.

‘He’s like, “I don’t think I want to do this anymore.” He hates attention.’

Hearing her then fiancé’s concerns, she came up with a new plan, but when she spoke to him about it, René said he changed his mind and decided to forge ahead with getting married at Taylor’s concert.

She said most people who knew Max would be confused as to why he agreed to get married so publicly.

‘As someone who’s a hardcore Swiftie… he knows how important Taylor is to me, so he was like, “Yeah, let’s do it,”‘ René said.

She added Max was ‘very nervous’ on the day and ‘that’s why his back was facing everyone.’

The couple at the concert. René, 30, shared her best friend and maid of honor officiated the ceremony

René and her then fiancé, Max, before the concert. They got married during Seven poem interlude

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René said he wasn’t surprised when she broached the idea of getting married at the concert.

‘Anyone who knows me is not surprised that I wanted to do this,’ she said.

‘I’m never normal. I’m always dramatic.’

As for how she was able to pick the best time during the concert to get married, René said she also went on the first night of Taylor’s two-day stretch in Glendale and wrote down the set list to select the perfect moment.

‘My husband and I are huge Rep (Reputation) stans. I wanted to do it during a Rep song, if they did King Of My Heart or something like that,’ she said.

‘I think Reputation has the greatest love songs ever, like they’re epic. But there wasn’t a good Reputation song to do it to.

‘Also all of her slow, quiet songs are typically breakup songs or really sad songs that I also didn’t want to get married to.’

She was able to pick the moment because she also went to night one of Taylor’s two-day stint in Glendale

The couple’s first dance as a couple was to Invisible String, a song that René said she was going to walk down the aisle to at a later time

She decided the couple would wed during Taylor’s Seven poem interlude and before the singer launched into Invisible String.

‘I thought, “Wow, that is really quiet.” And then she comes on and does Invisible String. And I am going to walk down the aisle to Invisible String so obviously I was crying in my seat a little because I was like, “That’s going to be the perfect time to do it,”‘ an emotional René recalled.

‘I was so happy… so we did it, we got married during the Seven poem and then we spent Invisible String vibing and also trying to calm down from the excitement.

‘It was so precious. I think now when I walk down the aisle to Invisible String it’s gonna be that much more sentimental to us.’ 

For those who thought this was a money-saving measure by the couple, the bride explained that the couple would be having a separate wedding to the ceremony that happened at the concert.

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