Teen upset by trolls slamming inappropriate and revealing homecoming dress

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A teen girl was shocked by the trolls who commented on her homecoming dress and called her a "tramp".

Grace Brumfield, 17, from Alabama, US, said she hated her town after seeing the online reactions where people said her dress was "inappropriate" for the high school event.

She took it to TikTok and posted the pictures along with the comments, explaining: "I loved how my pics for homecoming came out… my boyfriend's mom posted them to Facebook."

The lovely pictures show Grace and her boyfriend posing in a sunflower field. She wears a black bodycon dress and red high heels.

Grace then posts some of the comments saying her dress was "too revealing".

One comment wrote: "Whew my mama would have killed me if I dressed like that and my dad would've killed my date if he puts his hands on my lower half."

A second penned: "That dress is inappropriate. You don't need to show your private parts to get attention.

"You will get the wrong kind of attention. Girls wonder why they get raped. Don't dress like you are asking for it.

"And no, I'm not jealous. I'm disgusted that girls dress like tramps instead of beautiful young women."

Grace decided to hit back at the trolls and commented under the post on being called a "tramp".

She wrote: "I was not dressed like a 'tramp'. My dress was fingertip length, my parents (who are 60 and 52) both approved of the dress and I had shorts underneath."

Due to her small body frame, Grace altered the dress to fit her height while covering her modesty.

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"Nice try though Ma'am," she added. "I hope you have a nice day and I hope you don't call yourself a Christian when you're calling a 17-year-old a tramp."

Viewers on TikTok rooted for Grace and said they were confused why the dress was "revealing".

One said: "Your dress isn't even short or showing anything so I'm extremely confused."

"Which private parts are being shown? I'm confused," a second wrote while a third added: "They are all sexualising you. They are the problem, the pictures are so cute."

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