The 10 Most Expensive Pool Tables In The World, Ranked

Customized pool tables are worth millions as they make for rare collectibles in the antique dealers’ market.

Billiards originated in the 15th century as a lawn game similar to croquet. The game evolved and moved indoors onto a wooden table covered with green cloth inspired by manicured green lawns. It was known as the Noble Game of Billiards since it found an audience among the elite and royal class of the society. Pool tables underwent major changes during the Industrial revolution and were produced in mass numbers. By the early 1800s, it became a public game enjoyed at local clubs and pubs. From 1878 pool and billiard championships began to emerge on international levels. Thus the lawn game found its way into the hallways and game rooms of the commoners. Let us take a look at some of the most expensive tables created in the world.

Bugatti’s $2.6 million worth pool table is touted to be the world’s most expensive. The self-leveling pool table works in tandem with modern computer technology to allow the players smooth play even in the middle of the ocean.

10 Bugatti Pool Table ($2.6 million)


The superyacht can now have the most expensive pool table installed to enjoy playing the game while at sea. According to Dailymail, the luxury brand has unveiled a $2.6 million worth self-leveling billiards table. The elegant body of the ultra-sleek pool table comes with futuristic technology, and the surface remains stable even in stormy waters. It has already racked in elite admirers from all over the world. The Emir of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has expressed interest in installing one on his $400 million yacht – Azzam. The limited edition pool table is a rare collectible since the French brand plans to create only 30 exclusive pieces.

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9 Queen Victoria’s Jubilee Billiard Pool Table ($1.5 million)


An exquisite billiard pool table was commissioned for Queen Victoria’s Jubilee Exhibition in 1887. The royal piece displayed in Manchester was a master craftsman by Orne & Sons Ltd. It is decorated with quotations from Shakespeare, Scott, Byron, and Tennyson. The intricate carvings depict native British flora and fauna, panels beneath represent various countries. Above the legs are exquisitely carved portraits of William of Normandy, Henry I-III, and Edward I-III. It comes with a matching cupboard that depicts the various reigns of Queen Victoria on seven decorated panels. The antique table is worth $1.5 million.

8 The History of Australia Jubilee Pool Table ($750,000)


Skilled craftsman George Billyeald created this ornate pool table in 1885. It depicts the rich flora and fauna of Australia. According to Miragenews, the Australian Jubilee pool table is now displayed at the National Museum of Australia, Canberra; it was acquired for $1.1 million. The impressive detailing on the table also depicts Australian history, like the gold rush, the conflict between the first settlers and the First Nation people, and colonial bush life. The table had been displayed in Buckingham Palace during Queen Victoria’s reign, and Prince Albert, the Prince of Wales, is known to have played billiard upon it. It was also displayed at Melbourne’s Centennial Exhibition (1888).

7 Obscura Cue Light Pool Table ($200,000)


An overhead projector casts images on this new-generation pool table, and sensors track the balls while playing. Created by Obscura digital, the table features three play modes – Mercury, Inferno, and Reveal. The mercury effect creates ripples on the table during play, inferno mode displays balls of flames as the player moves the colored balls on the surface, and in reveal mode, the table is lit up with high-resolution images from an overhead projector.

6 The Luxury Billiard Pool Table ($177,000)


Designed by the famed world billiard champion Vincent Facquet, it is also known as the Rolls Royce of pool tables. The gold and platinum models of the luxury table are fitted with 18 diamonds. Three unique models were exquisitely crafted: Majeste, Platinum Royale, and Noblesse table. The table is also embedded with microfiber pockets to ensure hi-resolution visibility while playing.

5 Porsche 24/7 Billiard Pool Table ($41,487)


According to Most Expensive Hub, the tulipwood and aluminum-based pool table is the world’s fifth most expensive billiard table. The famed Porsche design studio, in collaboration with Steininger, designs it. The posh table is finished with a lacquer design and features leather pockets, rubber cushions, and a smooth finish on the surface. It is exclusively manufactured in Austria and can be shipped worldwide.

4 Martin Bauer Tournament Pool Table ($36,000)


The space-age style pool table complies with the specifications of the Billiard Congress of America. It features expansive LED lighting, hi-tech metal engineering, a spaceship-style body, deep leather pockets, and a solid wood surface. The 9-foot tournament table offers flexibility and is hugely popular due to its unique craftsmanship.

3 Black Light Pool Table ($34,000)


The glow-in-the-dark-inspired pool table is a priced catch for billiard lovers. Manufactured by the French company Billiards Toulet the quirky design features internal lighting for enhanced visuals, a ceramic paint-based body, and a steel structure. This highly attractive design can be converted into a dining table in a blink of an eye by adding a glass top on the surface.

2 Dominic Gerard’s Eagle Pool Table ($29,500)


According to Decor and Style, the eagle-inspired pool table is crafted by Dominic Gerard company. The carvings are inspired by the Eagle of the United States Federal Reserves. The red mahogany body is embellished with intricate gold eagle carvings at the bottom. Luxurious black granite is used as the base of the vintage 9-foot table; it remains one of the hugely popular billiard tables among players worldwide.

1 G-1 Glass Top Pool Table ($25,150)


The G-1 Glass Top, a modernist pool table, is available in different sizes and designs. Nottage designs specially craft the incredible glossy glass surface. The body features a metallic base with 12 support points. The 15 mm thick glass has a transparent Vitrik surface, and it also comes with a customized ball set.

These most expensive billiard tables are a prized catch for pool lovers. Their functionality combined with contemporary body design matches luxe décor spaces.

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