The 8 best cereal containers to buy 2022: storage to keep food fresh

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HOME organisation has hit an all-time high, and if you're looking to get your kitchen cupboards spic and span, the best cereal containers will streamline, simplify and tidy up your space.

Forget haphazard cupboards with half-torn cereal boxes spilling out at every angle, for a stress and mess-free morning experience, opt for sleek cereal containers that will neatly hold your favourite breakfast in place, plus they can be labelled and airtight to keep cereal fresh. Order is officially restored.

Are you looking for durable and affordable plastic cereal containers that will simplify and de-clutter your morning routine? Or do you want something more luxurious and made of glass, which you can fill up with your morning favourites?

Either way, we've got it covered with our selection of the best cereal containers to buy right now.

Nuovva Cereal Storage Containers Three Piece Set

  • Nuovva Cereal Storage Containers Three Piece Set, £19.79 from Amazon – buy here

An Amazon top seller, this set of three cereal storage containers earn top marks for their secure, four-sided snap-lock lids, which are airtight and watertight, their easy-pour openings and decent value for money.

They have a large capacity at four litres each, which is handy if your family gets through a lot of breakfast, plus they come with labels and a chalk marker, so you can easily identify which cereal is which – perfect if it takes you a while to properly wake up in the morning.

A hit with shoppers, many customers rave about the containers' exceptional quality and tall, smart appearance.


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IKEA 365+ Dry Food Jar with Lid

  • IKEA 365+ Dry Food Jar with Lid, £3.50 from IKEA – buy here

A one-stop shop for bargainous homewares, IKEA has done it again with this smart yet simple dry food jar.

The cheapest option in our edit by a fair margin, despite its low price, this IKEA cereal container doesn't skimp on design – it has a 2.3 litre capacity, an easy-open lid and it's dishwasher safe.

It's also racked up a whole host of glowing reviews from customers who love its sleek look and sturdy feel.

OXO POP Cereal Box Storage Container

  • OXO POP Cereal Box Storage Container, £16.99 from John Lewis & Partners – buy here

As seen on the Netflix's Get Organized with The Home Edit show, if there was such a thing as a cereal container celebrity, this OXO POP product is it.

While it's not cheap, it's the airtight cereal container of choice for influencers and home organisation experts due to its smooth spout that offers mess-free pouring, contoured design for easy holding and its super clever push-button that can be opened with just one hand.

It has a 3.2 litre capacity, which fits a regular-sized box of cereal, and an airtight seal which many reviewers say helps to keep their cereal fresh for much longer.

Airtight Food Storage Container Four Grid

  • Airtight Food Storage Container Four Grid, £13.99 from Amazon – buy here

For an innovative space-saving take on a cereal storage container, this clever product is worth a look.

The container is split into four compartments, each with its own airtight lid, so you'll be able to pack in four different food items into each section, from granola and porridge oats to Corn Flakes and Cheerios.

The container comes in three sizes – 2 litre, 2.5 litre and 3 litre – but here's the clever bit – between each compartment, there's a removable partition, so it's possible to adjust the storage space to create more room for one item depending on your needs.

SQ Professional Double Cereal Dispenser

  • SQ Professional Double Cereal Dispenser, £17.99 from Amazon – buy here

For a cereal storage solution that puts fun rather than practicality at the forefront, this brilliant Double Cereal Dispenser is a winner.

Similar to the breakfast dispensers found in hotels, with every twist of the knob around 28g of cereal is released and each container holds around 500g of dried food.

Designed to preserve flavour and freshness for up to 45 days, the canisters are scratch-resistant and shatterproof.

A guaranteed hit with children who love the chance to pour their own cereal, many shoppers say these dispensers are a great way to put the fun back into breakfast time and get little ones full up and ready for the day.

Jodsen Dispenser Food Storage Container Two Pack

  • Jodsen Dispenser Food Storage Container Two Pack, £12.99 from Amazon – buy here

Banish bulky, ripped cereal boxes from your pantry with the help of this pack of two Jodsen Dispensers.

The containers have a 2.7 litre capacity, a grooved container body making them easy to hold and a prominent pouring spout, which means accurate dispensing and less mess.

But it's the thoughtful extra details that have proved a big selling point for shoppers – the carry handle at the top of each container means they're easy to hold when heavy and quick to haul out of cupboards.

Plus each container comes with a measuring cup, which is a useful extra if you're using them to store rice or flour rather than cereal.

Chef's Path Cereal Container Storage Set

  • Chef's Path Cereal Container Storage Set, £20.37 from Amazon – buy here

Get your cereal organised in one go with this set of four containers by Chef's Path.

Specifically designed for cereal and other dried food, the airtight containers have snap-lock lids at four sides, a silicone sealant to keep moisture at bay, a curved ergonomic body that's easy to grip and a wide, airtight pouring spout.

They each have a four-litre capacity, which is enough to hold a large box of cereal.

They also come with an impressive array of additional items including label stickers and a chalk pen, so you can clearly label the containers, plus four measuring spoons, which is a nice, unexpected extra.

Brabantia Set of 3 Glass Jars

  • Brabantia Set of 3 Glass Jars, £19 from Dunelm – buy here

Looking for a high-end solution to your cereal storage problem? A glass cereal container feels more luxurious than plastic, plus this set of three glass jars scores serious sustainability points.

In three varying sizes, the jars are dishwasher safe and come equipped with airtight lids to keep food fresh and crunchier for longer.

A pricey choice, the capacity of these jars isn't as huge as other plastic versions, but for an attractive way of storing small portions of things like oats and granola, these glass jars will look streamlined and smart in your kitchen cupboard.

Do cereal containers keep cereal fresh?

Yes, a good-quality airtight cereal container will keep your cereal fresher for longer when used correctly.

Moisture and air are the biggest culprits for making cereal go stale. If you keep cereal in the box or bag it comes in and you don't seal them away securely each time, your cereal is likely to go stale much quicker than if you use an airtight container, which is specifically designed to keep air and water out.

Common kitchen pests like moths, weevils and ants are also more likely to stay out of your cereal if it's kept in a secure airtight container that's sealed shut.

Where to buy cereal containers

A number of leading homeware stores have a good range of food storage containers and high street favourites like Dunelm, B&M Bargains, Argos and Robert Dyas are well worth a look.

Online retailers like Amazon, Wayfair and ebay also have a great selection of options for all budgets and needs.

It's also worth checking out the storage aisles of your nearest supermarket next time you're doing the weekly shop as many carry stock of food storage containers.



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