The Jonas Brothers Drop Romantic New Single ‘Greenlight’ From ‘Songland’ & Fans Are Loving It

After releasing their full-length album, ‘Happiness Begins,’ the Jonas Brothers gifted fans with yet another song & it’s an incredibly romantic bop that was written by ‘Songland’s Able Heart.

Cheers to more new music from the Jonas Brothers! The trio have blessed us with a number of infectious singles in 2019 and their latest is equally as impressive. The guys have released the heartfelt track “Greenlight,” and it was all thanks to NBC’s Songland that the song saw the light of day. After budding songwriter Able Heart impressed the JoBros with his writing skills, the band knew that they wanted to record the track as their next single. You can listen to the official “Greenlight” release below!

Able competed alongside Remmi (Rachel Smith), Rynn (Kathryn Kempthorn), and Ori Dulitzki as one of four songwriters in competition to be the brothers’ choice. Able was the first to perform for the Jonas Brothers with “Greenlight” and instantly captured the band’s attention. After the musician learned that the band has chosen his song to be their next single, he broke down crying. “It doesn’t seem real for one and for two it’s definitely been a crazy long road here,” the songwriter said through tears.

Fans were thrilled with the band’s choice for their next single! “Within the first 10 seconds of Able Heart showcasing Greenlight, I knew it was a hit. Glad the Jonas brothers picked it because I believe Adam Levine and his crew was going to cop this one, Great job all around,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “I literally am obsessed with the @jonasbrothers song from @NBCSongland last night 😩😩 #greenlight,” another said with high praise.

Listen to the Jonas Brothers new track from Songland, above! While all of the competitors on the hit show impressed, the band seems to have made the right decision by choosing “Greenlight,” and fans simply can’t get enough!

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