The most popular European honeymoon destination, according to Pinterest

For many of us, jetting off somewhere hot after tying the knot sounds dreamy.

Greece and Italy are proper hotspots for newlyweds and it's clear to see why.

But despite the fact your Instagram feed appears to be filled with brides and grooms lapping up miles of picture-perfect beaches, there's an unlikely destination proving to be much more popular.

Pinterest has looked at the data, and the usual European honeymoon destinations are being shunned for an unlikely option.

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According to the platform, pins for Switzerland are up by 856% since 2017.

Switzerland is absolutely beautiful come winter season or the summer.

For a winter wedding, Switzerland could be perfect for a skiing honeymoon with cosy nights by the fire.

It also has lots to offer in the summer months, such as hiking and mountain biking with breathtaking views.

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Whatever time of year your wedding is it seems many couples are switching poolside breaks for adventure holidays.

And with the average cost of a UK wedding recently rising to over £20,000, maybe it's not such a bad idea to scrap the lavish holiday altogether and enjoy a honeymoon at home instead.

In other wedding news, one bride recently went viral after deciding to cover her wedding dress in beer cans.

While another bride blasted her "vain" sister-in law after she wore a white lace gown to her big day.

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