The Queen Is Getting Fed Up With Kate Middleton Breaking Royal Protocol

If there’s one person who believes in following tradition, it’s Queen Elizabeth. The British monarch has been sitting on the throne for an incredible 67 years, and over that length of time, she’s learned which rules are worth breaking and which need to be followed no matter what.

It’s true that Queen Elizabeth has ushered in quite a fewchanges over her reign. In a delightfully egalitarian move, she changed therule that would have placed Prince Louis higher than Princess Charlotte in the lineof succession even though she’s older. Now female offspring are considered equalto males and can’t be displaced from their birthright.

However, certain rules of the royal family are stillstrictly upheld. That’s why Queen Elizabeth is getting a little frustrated withKate Middleton constantly bendingthe rules, especially since she’ll rule alongside Prince William one daysoon.

All of Kate Middleton’s little rebellions are adding up

Because of decorum, Queen Elizabeth would never disgrace theDuchess of Cambridge publicly for breaking protocol. But royal insiders are questioningif the Queen is getting sick of Kate Middleton making her own rules and ignoringdecades of tradition.

Most recently, Kate Middleton made a shocking move when shebent down and gave Queen Elizabeth a kiss on each cheek at the Chelsea FlowerShow. While this seems like an innocent enough greeting, it’s not the way the Duchessof Cambridge usually says hello to her grandmother-in-law. The royal family is famouslyagainst any public displays of affection, and while there are no definitiverules on it, this greeting definitely raised a few eyebrows.

There is a difference between royal traditions and strictrules

One unique thing about the royal family is the amount of nuance involved. While Prince William and Prince Harry are no strangers to the unique customs and protocols, outsiders just joining the family like Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle may take longer to adjust to traditions that are ingrained for their husbands.

For the most part, Kate Middleton hasbeen exemplary with following the rules, and even singlehandedly helpedmake nude pantyhose cool again after they’d been falling out of fashion foryears. But when she chose to kiss the Queen instead of curtsying, it was veryout of character.

Kate Middleton will be ushering in a modern take on themonarchy

Like it or not, the current reign of Queen Elizabeth will be coming to an end soon and the next ruler will be the one making all the new rules. Prince Charles is already planning some big changes for the future and when Prince William takes the throne, even more things will be different. It’s possible that Kate Middleton will fully support even more public displays of affection when she becomes Queen. Why not?

The bottom line is that traditions can change and customsare fluid. Even if Queen Elizabeth is frustrated by Kate Middleton’s modernways, it’s inevitable that the monarchy will change with the times.

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