The Radfords are slammed over 'wild camping trip'

Britain’s biggest family The Radfords go on a ‘wild camping trip’ to Scotland in their motorhome – but some claim it’s ‘freeloading’ not to go to a site

  • Parents of Britain’s biggest family took their brood on controversial camping trip 
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Sue and Noel Radford have been slammed online after sharing a video of their ‘wild camping’ minibreak.

The pair, from Morecambe, Lancashire, embarked on the three hour road trip to the outskirts of Edinburgh with eight of their 22 children earlier this month.

Before visiting friends in the city, the parents said they wanted to take their children ‘wild camping’ – which usually involves pitching up a tent in a wooded area.

But after finding an unenclosed area to park in, the couple decided they would all spend the night in their motorhome – which boasts a large TV, sofas and beds to sleep their supersized brood.

Sue and Noel took the youngest of their brood on the trip, treating them to movies watched from the comfort of the motorhome, and McDonald’s takeaways. 

Sue and Noel Radford took eight of their children as they drove to Scotland in their gigantic all-equipped motorhome, and did a bit of wild camping 

Filming highlights of their trip in a vlog, Sue told viewers they had found ‘a little gem of a place’ to park the motorhome overnight.

They used an app called Park4Night in order to find a spot where they could stay. 

‘We think it’s a gem: We could have parked in someone’s garden, we don’t know where we are,’ Noel joked in the video. 

‘It’s listed as a place you can park overnight,’ he then clarified. 

The couple settled their eight children in the motorhome for the evening, cosying up with the heating on. 

The next day, Noel proudly showed off the beauty spot where the family had parked, which was located near woodlands and a reservoir. 

‘I think we did well finding it, this is really nice,’ he said as he filmed himself. 

In a caption accompanying the video, the couple gushed: ‘Our first wild camping night in Betsy, our motorhome, went brilliantly. We were so cosy and we woke up to the most stunning views.’ 

The couple used a special app in order to work out where they could park their motorhome for the night 


People claimed that the couple couldn’t say they were ‘wild camping’ because they were in a motorhome 

After uploading a vlog onto YouTube titled ‘Wild Camping in Edinburgh’, some critics accused the pair of ‘freeloading’ by using the land – even though Noel and Sue found the location on an app which claimed it was a legal to stay there overnight. 

‘Lol the whole concept of wild camping is with a tent camping in the wild away from amenities in a tent,’ one said. 

‘Not in a campervan on a camping site. Sorry and if you’re afraid of pitch dark no way are you going to wild camp.’ 

Another added: ‘Sorry to burst your bubble, but this is not ‘wild camping’ in any shape or form. It’s freeloading. 

‘The only thing videos like yours achieve is to encourage other motorhome owners to park up overnight wherever they like – often illegally – and save on camp site charges. 

Sue and Noel Radford – who have been married for 30 years – are the parents of Britain’s biggest family, having welcomed 22 children. Pictured on Christmas Day in 2021


Noel and Sue pictured with 18 of their children at Heidie’s christening 

Noel and Sue welcomed their first child together in 1989. 

Between them, the couple are parents to Chris, 33, Sophie, 29, Chloe, 27, Jack, 25, Daniel, 24, Luke, 22, Millie, 22, Katie, 20, James, 19, Ellie, 17, Aimee, 16, Josh, 15, Max, 14, Tillie, 12, Oscar, 11, Casper, 10, Hallie, seven, Phoebe, six, Archie, five, Bonnie, four and Heidie, two.

The parents tragically lost their 17th child Alfie in July 2014.

‘I suggest you research the term ‘wild camping.’

A third critic wrote: ‘Whilst I hope you had a great holiday, I think the definition on Wild Camping is taking your tent and backpack and walking into the wilderness. 

‘Sleeping in a campervan is not Wild Camping.’

The Scottish Outdoor Access Code means that members of the public are entitled to walk, cycle, climb, ride, swim and watch wildlife in the country’s forests, beaches, rivers and parks.

However, these rights do not include motor vehicles and the Code recommends drivers ‘plan ahead and book into managed caravan/camp stires and other provision for campervans and motorhomes where possible.’

Others jumped to the couple’s defence in the comments.

‘Fantastic parents with the patience of saints,’ one replied. ‘Have a great break!’

‘Loved to see you having fun in Scotland, even though it gets cold,’ another added.

‘Really enjoyed this,’ a third wrote. ‘Your kids are going to have AMAZING memories.’

‘I love the individual relationships you have with each of your children,’ a fourth gushed. 

Meanwhile, a fifth helpfully added: ‘Sue, just to let you know, if you ever fancy it, you can park camper vans on Ayr Beach sea front for £10 per night.

‘In season, there’s a lot to do for the children. Isle of Arran is a short ferry trip away.’

Although wild camping is legal on unenclosed land in Scotland, this does not apply to motorhomes.  

As such, drivers are required to seek permission from private landowners before parking on their property.

However, there are designated approved overnight parking spots for motorhomes that drivers are allowed to park in overnight. 

The practice is tolerated around Scotland, as long as it’s for one overnight stop only. 

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