Tony Blair's new do styled by other celebs as stylists give verdict

Blair-raising! Stylists give their verdict on Tony Blair’s new silver mullet as FEMAIL reveals how his locks would look on other politicians (and the celebrity styles the former PM could have opted for)

  • Former PM, 67, stunned viewers yesterday after debuting silver mullet hairstyle 
  • Bizarre lockdown hairstyles have been feature of social media over the past year
  • FEMAIL consults the experts and reveal what other politicians would look like with Blair’s new do (and the celebs he could have taken inspiration from) 

Britons rejoiced as hair salons across England reopened on April 12 – but Tony Blair clearly didn’t get the memo. 

The former prime minister, 67, stunned ITV viewers yesterday after debuting a silver mullet hairstyle, which some likened to Doc from Back to the Future and a slew of other fictional characters.

The ex-Labour leader was speaking to Paul Brand about devolution and a potential Scottish independence referendum, but his new ‘do dominated reaction to the interview. 

Many men have embraced their longer lockdown locks and opted to keep them despite the fact they can now get a professional trim – so what do the celebrity stylists make of Blair’s new coiffure?

Here FEMAIL consults the experts – and reveal what other politicians would look like with Tony’s tresses -and the celebrities with fabulous hair he could have taken style inspiration from instead. 

Tony Blair caused a stir on social media after unveiling his long lockdown locks in an interview with ITV

Celebrity hair stylist James Johnson said he’s a fan of Blair’s lockdown locks and suggested he’s a spray tan away from becoming an Essex lad. 

‘I think Blair like many of us have experimented with our lockdown growth!’ he told FEMAIL.

‘For men it’s especially harder to style out grown hair cuts, but I do think this style does suit Blair. 

‘For older gentlemen especially, having length and weight at the back can give the illusion of a fuller head of hair whilst still keeping it smart with a combed back placement. Just please don’t put it into a low pony… that’s a big no!

‘For me personally, I’m liking Blair’s new adaptation to the lockdown hair growth. He’s a spray tan away from being an Essex lad! 

‘Now that salons are open it will be very interesting to see where the hair goes from here; is he going to grow it fully into a Jason Mamoa, Pete Wicks vibe, or go for the short back and sides chop we’re used to pre-Covid?’


Boris without his blonde bouffant! The current prime minister if he were to sport his predecessor’s grey mullet

Former prime ministers Gordon Brown (left) and David Cameron (right) sporting Blair’s silver tresses

If Theresa May decided to grow out her fringe and slick back her silver locks a la Tony, this is the result

It ain’t Priti! Cabinet ministers Priti Patel and Matt Hancock sporting Blair’s lockdown locks

Should ex-aide Dominic Cummings decide on some grey hair extensions, he too could sport a mullet like Blair

Celebrity hair stylist Tom Smith added: ‘While a mullet is absolutely having a resurgence in hair fashion at the moment, with more and more of my clients being interested in this previously controversial silhouette, in this case the reality is Tony Blair has simply just not had the chance to get a haircut. 

Stylist Tom Smith advises Blair to have his mullet shaped to look less ‘Hairy Biker’

‘A mullet typically showcases much shorter hair on the top and around the face, preserving a lot of length at the back towards the nape of the neck. Tony Blair looks as though he has a good thick head of hair, and can carry longer hair quite well, although a little reshaping, particularly through the back of his hair, will allow him to wear longer hair in a more flattering, current way.

‘This sweptback style can look very sophisticated and Mediterranean or similar on more mature men who still have thick hair. Tony Blair usually frequents a tan and he has a dewy glow about him which adds to the appeal of his hair style.

‘Therefore I would advise he enjoys the longer style for a bit longer with a little alteration to reshape and lift the back up a bit. This subtle shaping will help him look more Julio Iglesias than Hairy Biker.

‘As he’s not rushed to the hairdressers to get a lockdown haircut, it suggests he is secretly loving his hairdo. He appears as confident as ever with his lockdown locks and I can see him keeping them for a while yet. 

‘With salons closing perhaps it has given Tony the opportunity he has always looked for – he could never have worn this style previously with his job. It is more acceptable now due to the circumstances over the past 12 months.’


Should Blair opt for a shorter crop, he could perhaps bring some hair forward and dye his silver locks blonde like former US president Donald Trump

If Blair is enjoying his longer locks, he could take inspiration from Brad Pitt (left) and Pete Wicks (right) by avoiding a trim – though he’d need some serious highlights or a dark rinse to banish the grey

For a complete overhaul, Blair could do away with his locks altogether and embrace the bald like Hollywood hunk Jason Statham

The reaction on social media to Mr Blair’s decision to keep his longer lockdown locks was far from positive, likening him to Lord of the Rings’ Gollum and Bill Nighy’s ageing rocker character in Love Actually.  

One user wrote: ‘Tony Blair is slowly transforming into Doc Brown.’

Another tweeted: ‘Tony Blair morphing into the possessed Vigo painting in Ghostbusters.’

And a third added: ‘Tony Blair looks like a goblin who will try to lure you into his cave for a riddling contest.’

The reaction on social media to Mr Blair’s decision to keep his longer lockdown locks was far from positive, likening him to Lord of the Rings’ Gollum and Bill Nighy’s ageing rocker character in Love Actually

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