Top 50 things absent-minded Brits forget every Christmas – including batteries and stamps

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And one in five would go as far as considering their Christmas ruined if certain items were forgotten.

Among the things which have slipped people’s minds in recent years were tape, where they hid the presents, and gift tags.

And when it comes to food and drink, cranberry sauce, stuffing, champagne and wine are likely to be forgotten.

The research, commissioned by last-minute delivery service Zapp, found 16 percent even admitted to struggling to remember the name of their neighbours when sending cards.

But the things people most fear forgetting are the turkey, potatoes and gravy – key elements of the biggest meal of the year.

Further festive elements in the top 50 list were napkins, leaving out a mince pie or carrot for Santa and Rudolph, and even picking up a guest from the train station.

A third said it would be a Christmas miracle if they don’t forget something in the lead up to, or on, Christmas Day.

Batteries, a gift, and tape are the top things people expect to fail to remember this year.

From present buying to hosting family and friends, we all know Christmas can be a fun but stressful time

Steve O’Hear, Zapp spokesman

Steve O’Hear, spokesman for Zapp, said: “From present buying to hosting family and friends, we all know Christmas can be a fun but stressful time.

“There is a lot to remember, and things are easily forgotten – whether it’s the smoked salmon and champagne on Christmas morning, or that last-minute gift for the neighbours.

“We are here to help this year, aiming to deliver Christmas essentials in minutes, 24/7.

“We’re expecting a rush of last-minute orders on Christmas day, and our team of riders are poised and ready to deliver for our customers throughout the festive period.”

The study also found forgetting something during the festive season has resulted in 18 percent giving an unwrapped gift, 16 percent urgently ordering a present for next day delivery, and 10 percent knocking on a neighbour’s door for ingredients.

A fifth have even made a dash to “any” shop that’s open on December 25th.

Almost half (45 percent) argued there is lots to remember at Christmas which is why they forget things, and 34 percent claim they’re too busy, while 32 percent blame tiredness.

Three in ten admitted they are more likely to forget something if they are hosting, and having something slip their minds leaves them feeling annoyed, frustrated and disappointed.

More than half agreed it’s stressful trying to remember everything in the lead up to, or on, Christmas Day.

In order to ensure they don’t go without something on the big day, 58 percent have made lists on paper, while 28 percent do so on their phone, and one in five set reminders on their calendar.

People make an average of three lists for Christmas prep – including what gifts to buy (71 percent), food (66 percent) and who to send cards to (51 percent).

And while food prep takes just over four hours, people commit ten hours to Christmas shopping, according to the OnePoll figures.


  1. Batteries
  2. Who a gift was for e.g. wrapped them before labelling them
  3. The name of my neighbours e.g. for cards
  4. Sticky tape
  5. Where you hid the presents
  6. A gift
  7. Gift tags
  8. Cooking foil
  9. Stamps for posting cards
  10. Cards
  11. Recording Christmas specials on TV e.g. soaps
  12. Crackers/decoration for the table
  13. Wrapping paper
  14. Gift bags
  15. Cranberry sauce
  16. Napkins
  17. Advent calendar
  18. Ribbon for gift wrapping
  19. Stuffing
  20. What time the Queen’s Speech is on
  21. Baking paper
  22. Breakfast items
  23. Turning the oven on
  24. Leaving a mince pie or carrot out for Santa/Rudolph
  25. Lighter/matches
  26. Non-alcoholic drinks
  27. Enough cutlery for everyone joining the Christmas dinner
  28. Mistletoe
  29. Gravy
  30. Christmas jumper
  31. Bottle opener
  32. Brandy/alcohol for flaming the Christmas pudding
  33. Mince pies
  34. Nuts
  35. Setting enough places for the table
  36. Christmas pudding
  37. Vegetables
  38. Toilet roll
  39. Bucks Fizz
  40. Champagne
  41. Brussel sprouts
  42. Turkey
  43. Vegetarian/vegan alternatives
  44. Picking up a guest e.g. from a train station or their home
  45. Board games
  46. Wine
  47. Setting up the guest beds
  48. Hand wash
  49. Potatoes
  50. Baubles

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