Tracey Cox reveals her hot holiday sex guides

Sex moves to make your summer holiday SIZZLE: Tracey Cox reveals seven naughty tricks you can try everywhere from the beach to a romantic taverna

  • Sexpert Tracey Cox reveals her tips for hotting up your summer holiday 
  • Says the more you go on holiday together, the better your relationship will be 
  • Suggests best sex positions to try out and seven moves that will turn you both on
  • Also reveals the kinkiest locations to get frisky, including the beach or the plane 

The sun’s shining, the waves are lapping and the hardest decision you’ve had to make all week is which way to point your sun lounger.

Most couples have more and better sex on holiday than at any other time – and there are lots of reasons why.

You’re more relaxed, you can mix things up and do it at different times of the day and enjoying lots of cocktails, so you’re both in good moods and up for having some fun.

The more often you go on holiday together the better your relationship will be: eighty per cent of the world’s most respected therapists voted taking regular holidays as the best way to keep a marriage happy.

Here’s some new moves, positions and places for you to make the most of your annual break.

Sex and relationship expert Tracey reveals that couples have more and better sex on holiday – and says those who take romantic trips regularly, end up staying together longer 


Rock star: Lying in the sun makes you crave lazy, sensual sex. Get him to sit with legs stretched in front of him, apart. Facing him, you sit between his legs, then put your legs over his and feet either side of his chest. Clasp each other’s wrists then rock. One leans back as the other leans forward, pulling each other up with your arms.

Love triangle: It’s way too hot for missionary. Instead, you lie back, he kneels in front of you. He takes hold of your feet and brings the soles together, pushing your legs back towards your chest. Your legs form a triangular shape, forming a ‘frame’ around both your naughty bits.

The Vine: Perfect for fast, passionate, impromptu sex, it’s also a manly, caveman-type position for when you’re feeling adventurous. He leans against a wall and lifts you up by taking a firm grip of your bottom. You wind your arms around his neck, grip his thighs with yours and put your feet against the wall to give leverage and help him thrust. Don’t expect to last for more than a few minutes but this is doable!


Give him a no-hands massage. Start by straddling his back, then lean forward and use your breasts and upper body to massage his. From there, move into sliding your entire body length over his back, thighs, legs and bottom (so you’re climbing all over him and rubbing against him at the same time). Bonus: feels just as good your end as his.

Do a ‘Fergie’. Sarah Ferguson no doubt regrets letting a Texan millionaire kiss and suck her toes – but you won’t! It’s one of those things that people talk about but no-one actually does. Break the mould: get him to suck your toes and lick the spaces in between them.

Tracey suggests going commando while abroad could add a little heat to your holiday 

Go commando. It’s cooler and you can’t help but focus on sex when your bits are free and ready to be ravished! That innocent-looking, knee-length sundress suddenly transforms to corset-and-garter type sexy, when you (discreetly) take his hand to show him what you ‘forgot’ to put on.

Make a sex bucket list while you’re sitting around the pool of all the new things you’d both like to try. Then put dates beside each one, so there’s a deadline.

Do it in front of the window with the blinds up. If you’re brave, you’ll leave a side light on so anyone peering in can see a sexy silhouette, otherwise do it in the dark knowing no-one can see you but you can see everyone else.

Be a voyeur. Stand in front of a long mirror, totally naked. Get your partner to stand behind you, blindfolded and also naked. Let them explore, touch and kiss all parts of you as you watch yourself become aroused. Take turns.

Get wet. Pull on a nice, tight T-shirt minus your bra. Then ‘accidentally’ splash yourself to highlight your best features! See through clothing is more erotic than bare flesh because it’s mysterious, offering a tantalizing glimpse of what’s beneath. He can pull the same trick to show off a ripped torso.

Mix things up by doing things at different times of the day. Being slightly tiddly at a completely inappropriate 10am, sipping on a Buck’s Fizz, sets the scene for your slide into a gloriously hedonistic holiday.

Tracey suggests making a ‘sex bucket list’ could spice up your holiday, and explains why trying out a little ‘footplay’ could be your new kink 


Certain locations and situations put a fiendish twinkle in everyone’s eyes. But if it’s a public or semi-public setting, being arrested isn’t quite the kick you’re after. Sex in public is illegal, so be sensible and, in high risk places, aim to get aroused rather than satisfied.


Make sure these are in the suitcase…

Sexy swimsuit, beach cover-up, fab clothes to dress up in for dinner. The rest of the year you both slob around in ‘telly’ clothes, holidays are the time to dress up and show off.

Loose, floaty dresses and easy to remove skirts for sneaky outdoor sex.

Erotic reads to turn yourselves on while lying beside the pool before that mid-afternoon ‘nap’.

A tablet to binge on a sexy box set like Riviera – and some X-rated erotica when the mood takes.

Sex toys. Remote control vibes are fantastic for teasing by the pool, there are plenty of places in your hotel room to use tie-up tools (like scarves or handcuffs), pack a blindfold for role-play and a discreetly sized water-proof vibrator (or one disguised as something innocent like a rubber ducky!) for playtime in the pool.

Personal lube because it makes everything feel better and because you’ll be having sex more often. Lube will stop you getting sore.

Emergency antibiotics if you’re prone to cystitis after too much wine or sitting around in wet swimsuits.

Emergency contraception (one set in your suitcase, other in hand luggage) because losing your luggage will be even more traumatic if it’s got your pill in it.  

Also, know the rules of the country you’re visiting. In Dubai, even innocent public displays of affection like kissing and holding hands are socially unacceptable and can land you in prison.

On the plane. Unless it’s long haul, it’s unlikely you’ll have the chance to become a fully signed up member of the Miles High Club. But you can get away with murder in your seats by putting a blanket over your laps and letting your hands wander.

In the swimming pool or hot tub. In movies and porn these are the main hot spots for holiday sex. In reality, you’re best avoiding because they’re full of bacteria that cause irritations, urinary tract and yeast infections – all of which will spoil sex for the rest of the holiday.

Jump in for some steamy foreplay, jump out for the final act.

In a restaurant that has long tablecloths. Wear a loose-fitting dress with no knickers and keep a straight face while the waiter takes your order.

In your hotel room because ALL hotel rooms are sexy, even if they’re not luxurious. You can’t help but wonder what’s gone on in there and lots have mirrored cupboards or walls so you have a great view of what’s going on.

In the shower. Wear waterproof makeup and use soap free cleanser so fingers can disappear into all sorts of places. Shampooing each other’s hair is an incredibly intimate and sexy thing to do. Or let him shave your legs; you shave his face.

On the beach. Go far from the crowds, take some towels and sarongs and you’d be amazed what’s possible. Ditto, if you jump on top, wearing a loose skirt with no knickers. If it’s too obvious to thrust, squeeze your pelvic floor muscles around him.

In the countryside. Walk a little off the beaten track and you’ll find conveniently placed trees or bushes that shield you from view.

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