Truth about Neighbours' Real Dee’s fake death revealed

Oh that fateful day back in 2003 that saw Toadie (Ryan Moloney) desperately diving into the ocean in a bid to save his new wife Dee (Madeleine West) after their car plunged off a cliff in Neighbours. But what really happened next?

Is Toadie, no wait, are we, ready for the full truth about what happened to Dee Bliss? Ready or not, here it comes as the truth is laid bare. And it simply wouldn’t be the Dee Bliss saga if there wasn’t another huge twist in the tale.

Dee and Toadie are finally set to be reunited, and there is one heck of a big conversation to be had – how is it that 16 years ago she flew off a cliff to almost certain death and is now stood in front of Toadie with a whole secret life? And how, in all that time, did she not once think to pop up and say ‘oh hey Toadie, funny story, I’m not actually dead’?!

The truth pours out like the water gushing into their doomed wedding car, but as the full story unfolds, he’s hit with more shocks and bigger twists. Can he cope with what she has to say?

Dee reveals she now lives a life in hiding with Riley and she explains just how much she’s had to deal with in almost two decades. It’s not been easy starting up a new secret life.

The truth hits Toadie like a train and he makes a shock decision – he wants Dee to leave for good. He can’t deal with what she’s telling him so soon after losing Sonya.

After everything that’s happened to Toadie in the last two years – most of which was instigated when Andrea turned up pretending to be his ‘dead’ ex, is Toadie really going to walk away from it all, and Dee, now?

As Dee goes to leave, she tells Susan she wishes there was something she could do to let Toadie know he was always on her mind. She comes up with a plan, and drops him off a gift just as she’s leaving that will get him thinking. Could what she’s given him get Toadie to change his mind?

Scenes air from Monday 8th July at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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