Two sets of twins find true love with each other — and live together

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Call it the ultimate case of twinning.

Two sets of identical siblings – Venessa and Kerissa D’Arpino plus Lucas and Jacob Sealby – are not only dating one another, but they all live together in a Medford, Oregon, home. The sisters work as physical trainers, the brothers are in sports medicine and the neighbors are confused. According to Daily Mail, folks who spot the foursome fear that they are “seeing double.”

The two sets of lookalike sibs were introduced in June 2020 and nobody has needed a mirror since.

“The story of how we met is really one in a million,” Venessa, 25, who matched with 29-year-old Lucas, told the Mail. “One of my clients is a nurse who treated Lucas at the hospital urgent care. She told me he was a twin and thought the two boys would get on really well with my sister and I.”

Venessa agreed to give it a shot and, all around – once they figured out who should be with who – it was amore at first sight(s).

“We had feelings straight away and fell in love very quickly,” continued Venessa. “The more we talked, the more we connected and it just felt meant to be.”

A quick three months after that first date in September, they all agreed to move in together. So far there have been no X-rated cases of mistaken identity – “Of course we all know what we all look like, so we don’t get each other confused,” Venessa maintained – and the sisters love being together: “Nobody knows us like we know each other and we always have the other’s back.”

While outsiders get confused about who is who, life among the core-four has been perfectly smooth. “We are all best friends and get along so well,” gushed Venessa. “Now that we live together, we are even closer than ever.”

One thing they probably won’t do as a foursome is get married. “We are not sure about having a double wedding,” said Kerissa who counts Jacob as her scrubs-wearing beau. “After all, two parties are better than one. So we will see.”

No doubt, they will be seeing quadruple.

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