Undertakers defends ‘disgusting’ window display that has outraged shoppers

Locals have hit out at a "distasteful" window display in which a "huge" coffin is laid out to be seen by shoppers as they pass by.

One resident said the wooden casket on display in a funeral directors in Goole, Yorkshire, "lacks decorum" and that she avoids walking past.

The coffin is on display at the front of Casseldens Funeral Services.

The undertakers only opened its doors in January and has defended its decision to put up the controversial display, likening it to what other shops do at Halloween .

The woman, 74, who was using another shop in the busy street when she first saw the casket, described how others had also complained about its appearance and was planning to go in to make a complaint.

She said: “I parked my car up to go to another shop and as soon as I got out I was confronted with this huge coffin with a wreath on top right at eye level in front of the window.

“It just lacks decorum and even my grandson asked me what it was. I don’t think it’s right.

"There are a lot of old people in Goole – my husband has just got over pancreatic cancer and he would not want to see that.

“Everyone is talking about it in the street and I just think it’s disgusting. There is no taste, no decorum and I wouldn’t like to walk past it.

“It lacks class and there isn’t only me complaining.”

A Casseldens spokeswoman said they shouldn't have to defend themselves over something that is a matter of "personal opinion".

The shop does sell coffins and believe others have had an "extreme reaction".

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