Viral TikTok 'hack' for free Sonic sparks debate about canceled DoorDash orders: 'Please don't do this'

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A TikTok user has stirred debate online after posting a video explaining how to get free food from Sonic. 

In the video, TikTok user @bmtx00 wrote: “This is your sign to go to Sonic at closing and ask for all the free Door Dash canceled orders.”

In the comments, one person asked what @bmtx00 received and she responded: “3 chili cheese fries, 1 chili cheese tot, 3 chili cheese coneys, 4 cheese stick orders, regular tots and fries, 6 different burgers, cherry limeade.”

User @bmtx00 also explained in the comments that she “definitely” tipped the cashier. 

Since the video was posted earlier this week, it has been viewed more than 466,100 times as of Tuesday morning. 

Commenters on the clip were divided on whether or not @bmtx00’s “hack” was a good idea, with some people supporting the TikTok user and others commenting on how the food could be bad by closing time. 

“Why didn’t I do that [a] long time ago!!!!!” one person wrote. 

Another person said: “Genius!!!! Why didn’t I [think] of this???” 

TikTok user @bmtx00 posted a video claiming they got free Sonic by asking for canceled DoorDash orders near closing time. (iStock)

“Please don’t do this,” another person, who claimed to be a Sonic worker, wrote. “We probably won’t have it and if we do, it’s old.”

“As a sonic worker- gross do not do that,” someone else wrote. “It sits there for hours and by the end of the night it’s so nasty.”

The video also sparked a debate about whether the “hack” is even allowed, with many reported Sonic workers claiming that handing out canceled orders is against policy. 

“Whoever gave those orders out broke all the rules,” one person wrote. 

However, in an email sent to Fox News, a spokesperson for Sonic said that giving away canceled DoorDash orders is against company policy. (iStock)

“Yeah they can’t do that,” another commenter wrote. “I worked there for two years we are not allowed to do that.”

“You just got very lucky,” someone else said. “9 out 10 fast food places either throw it out or give it to a worker. I have no idea why this sonic was sitting with old food.”

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