'We took our 11-week-old newborn baby to a festival – she loved it'

In those early newborn days, it feels like whirlwind of nappy changing and sleepless nights.

But mum-of-three Katie Tradie did things a little differently.

When her youngest daughter, Torvi, was just 11-weeks-old, she and her husband, Adam, along with older children, Gethin, six, and Roux, three, headed off to a music festival.

The family went to In It Together Festival, in Margam, Wales, and while it might sound exhausting, Katie says it wasn’t as difficult as she expected.

Despite strangers thinking they’re ‘nuts’, Katie and Adam taken their brood to festivals before, and claim their children ‘love it’.

The entire family camps together in a teepee, and during the day, they watch music acts and take part in activities like painting and colouring.

Katie, a retail assistant, from Swansea, Wales, said: ‘We are massive music lovers and so are the kids.

‘We go camping quite a bit as a family and this is the perfect mix for us.

‘We only take the children to family-friendly festivals that have the perfect mix of kids and adult stuff.

‘Adam and I have been to Boardmasters in Newquay a few times, and plan to take the children one day.’

But Katie warns that parents planning on taking their kids to a festival this summer need to be prepared – crucially, you need to come armed with lots of activities to keep the children entertained.

She said: ‘We takes lots of colouring books with us and bubbles for the kids to run around with.

‘We always take a little wagon with us too – they are fab as you can pull the children along in them.

‘You can decorate it with fairy lights so that when we are pulling them around at night other people can see you.

‘Also, take the whole medicine cabinet with you as you never know what can happen.

‘We always spend the whole festival as a family and never split up.’

Katie said that a lot of parents don’t understand or realise you can take your children to a festival. The family of five already have their next one planned for July.

She said: ‘A lot of people don’t understand that it can be done and think it can be very overwhelming to take the kids.

‘In reality, it is a very fulfilling experience.

‘I love taking the kids with me, they are all experiencing this stuff for the first time. They love the music, and they are really getting into the festival culture.’

And she’d recommend In It Together for anyone starting out.

‘It was a family-friendly festival and they catered to the children so there were more quiet parts if you wanted to get away from the main areas.’

Katie’s top tips for going to festival with your kids

  • Take lots of activities to keep them entertained
  • Pick friendly-friendly festivals so there are quiet parts for the children
  • Write your phone number on the children
  • Stock up on medicine so you are prepared when something goes wrong
  • Stick together as a family so you don’t lose each other

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