What MAFS Australia star Ines Basic looks like now after dissolving and re-filling her lips

Remember early last year when we were all in a lockdown and completely obsessed with Married at First Sight Australia season 7? You may not have thought about the stars in a few months, but we’re here to serve you a bit of a reminder in the shape of Ines Basic.

The controversial star made headlines throughout her appearance on the series, largely due to her brusque attitude and “affair” with co-star Sam Ball, but she also had people wondering how she managed to look so flawless – and had others evencomparing her complexion to that of Angelina Jolie.

Now, in newly uploaded Instagram Stories, the Aussie star has admitted to having had her lip filler dissolved and re-injected. She also speaks about having jawline filler to balance her profile.

“I'm really excited because I just got more lip filler and it looks great. I only got 0.5ml today so there’s like 2.5ml there. I did dissolve them last year, late last year, and I got jaw filler – 1ml each side,” she says, showing off her freshly plumped pout to her 250k followers.

This isn’t the first time the 31 year old has gotten candid about her cosmetic work. In April last year, Ines spoke in an Instagram Q&A about having a pocket of fat below her chin non-surgically blasted.

"I've never had it done before. My clinic is pretty convinced I'll only need one session because there's not that much there, but there's still enough. I've heard you look like a little bullfrog after,” she said.

"Once that fat dissolves so it can never come back I'm going to film it and take some photos. I know it takes about six weeks to kick in."

The brunette beauty, who is thought to be currently single after splitting from her surgeon boyfriend last year, also spoke last year of having porcelain veneers fitted after being unhappy with the size of her teeth. She received these early in 2019, so before she appeared on MAFS.

Whatever Ines is doing, nobody can deny how incredible she looks.

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