Where Was the First Place Andy Cohen Went After a Day of Lobbying?

From refereeing reunions to lobbying the New York legislature, Andy Cohen is a man on a mission.

Fresh off of taping The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, Cohen jetted to New York to work with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to change the state’s surrogacy laws.

Cohen welcomed his son Benjamin via surrogate in February but had to do so in California. Currently, it is illegal to pay a woman to carry a baby via surrogacy. Shortly after Benjamin’s birth, Cohen discussed the laws with Today Show hosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb.

Surrogacy is illegal in some states

While surrogacy is illegal in New York, some states don’t offer clear-cut laws. For example, surrogacy is permitted in a state like Texas, but only to married couples who receive judicial permission.

Many states only allow married, heterosexual couples to welcome a child via surrogacy too. Cohen’s son was born in California because surrogacy is legal in the state.

“New York is one of only three states where gestational surrogacy is illegal. You read that right. In fact, many people are shocked to learn this — as Andy himself was when he first started looking into surrogacy. It’s nonsensical that an act of pure selflessness is illegal in New York in 2019,” according to an essay Cuomo and Cohen penned for Buzzfeed. 

He spent the day lobbying for surrogacy changes

Cohen took Instagram followers along for the fight. He posted to his story, “Hey guys I’m in Albany, the state capital lobbying for the passage of the Child-Parent Security Act, which would make surrogacy legal in New York,” he said as he walked the halls.

He added, “Can you believe it’s not legal? Only one of three states in the country where it’s not legal.” He was on his way to meet with the governor where the two planned a press conference and to meet with assembly people.

In true Cohen fashion, he gave the governor a few Housewives tag lines too. “The only thing fuller than the list of my accomplishments is my head of hair,” was one of the lines. A reporter wrote the second one. “I may be from Queens, but in New York, but I’m king,” Cohen delivered in his story.

Where do you go after a day of lobbying?

Cohen hit the first McDonald’s he could find after his long, exhausting day. But of course, he couldn’t just get a burger and leave. Because it seems that wherever Cohen goes, interesting events follow.

As he’s lamenting about how good McDonald’s tastes, a man appears in his Instagram story behind him. “I’m going to Mickey D’s,” the man shouts in the background flashing the peace sign. “To meet Andy and Andy says you’re what’s going on here!”

Meanwhile, Cohen knowingly nods along. “This guy is trying to figure out who I am,” he calmly says. “He thinks I’m a political commentator or that I’m on a food show.”

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