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FOLLOWING Elon Musk's promises to uphold the first amendment following his procurement of the social media platform Twitter, it seems he's faltering when it comes to journalists who appear to be criticizing him.

On December 15, 2022, Aaron Rupar, a journalist who previously worked for Vox Media, was permanently suspended from the platform, with a list of others.

Who is Aaron Rupar?

Aaron Rupar, 39, was suspended from Twitter on December 15, 2022.

The independent journalist had criticized the platform's new owner, Elon Musk, in the past but, as of late, had only shared another writer's Substack newsletter.

However, it was on his Substack platform Public Notice.

The Substack was titled Elon Musk’s Reactionary Populism. and was written by Noah Berlatsky.

According to Ben Collins of NBC News, Rupar has "no idea why [the suspension] happened."

What did the Substack article say about Elon Musk?

The Substack article shared by Rupar before he was suspended was essentially criticizing Musk's use of wealth to control the voiceless.

It listed ways in which elites, like Kanye West and Dave Chapelle, stand for diversity, but that there is a difference between them and "marginalized people who dare to speak up for themselves, or who simply want to live their lives without being insulted, tormented, or brutalized, are pilloried as vaunting elitists who must be confronted, overthrown, destroyed."

In essence, the Substack newsletter shared by Rupar on Public Notice argued that the divide in our country is about both wealth and race and that Musk is at the top of both food chains and knows it.

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Of Musk, the newsletter says: "Musk, one of the richest people on earth, frames himself as a brave voice of the people fighting against entrenched elites."

"It’s easy to call him an out-of-touch hypocrite — and everyone should call him that! — but the populist cosplay of the very rich isn’t just a deception."

"It’s the implementation of an ugly, more or less explicitly fascist, ideology."

"Musk thinks he’s “of the people” because he sees his own power as deserved."

"For him and his ilk the real elites are the undeserving who dare to criticize the rightful hierarchy — or who simply dare to exist."

What deserves to be suspended on Twitter?

According to Twitter's suspension rules pre-Musk, the following would be apt for a suspension while Twitter checked out your profile for context and reason:

  • Glorifying violence, terrorism, and violent extremism
  • Child sexual exploitation
  • Abuse and harassment of others
  • Hateful conduct (I.e., racism, etc.)
  • Encouraging suicide or self-harm
  • Graphic violence
  • Adult content
  • Selling illegal goods or services
  • Sharing non-consensual nudity
  • Sharing private information belonging to other people
  • Interfering with elections
  • Impersonating other accounts
  • Fake or manipulated media
  • Violation of copyrights or trademarks

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