Why royals cant fly together as Cambridges jet off on half-term holiday

Prince William, Kate Middleton and the children have been spotted with their suitcases at Heathrow airport, excited for a well-deserved holiday.

It's rare for the family to be allowed to fly together, however, due to an unusual unwritten travel rule in place for the royals.

Senior members of the Royal Family aren't permitted to fly together usually, unless they've requested permission from the Queen.

Prince William, Kate Middleton and their three children were spotted at Heathrow, preparing for a half-term trip.

However, despite their trip together it's not long until the Cambridge family won't be able to travel together due to the unwritten rule that protects the future of the monarchy.

Prince George will be required to fly separately from his father Prince William when he turns 12.

This is because Prince William and Prince George are second and third in line to the throne, and so the rule is that they travel separately in case anything tragic happens en-route.

Prince Charles and Prince William are unable to travel together, and Prince Charles cannot travel with his mother the Queen.

The couple were able to bend the rules in 2014 when they flew to New Zealand with Prince George, who was just nine months at the time.

The Cambridges have been on other holidays together too, during which they were able to fly with their tots in tow.

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The Royal Family’s press office told Newsround: “They had to ask the Queen for permission, but she said yes.

"While there is no official rule on this, and royal heirs have travelled together in the past, it is something that the Queen has the final say on."

The Queen's paternal cousin Prince William of Gloucester died in a plan crash aged 30 in 1972.

The family headed straight for a VIP lounge resaved for royals, world leaders and A-list celebrities.

For a whopping £3,300, Kate and William get the full VIP treatment, including 96 staff and a Michelin star menu!

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A doorman with top hat and tails greets those arriving in the suite, and sends your luggage to be screened and safely stowed on the plane.

Then you’ll be whisked away to a private lounge just for you.

William and Kate will feel right at home in a luxury lounge, with a portrait of Her Majesty pride of place on the wall.

The stylish rooms feature artwork curated by Tanya Baxter Contemporary.

Plus there’s a squishy sofa, luxe arm chairs and a formal dining table, a nice big telly and your own loo of course!

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