Wife fuming as husband and mum-in-law choose baby name for her unborn child

A pregnant woman was fuming when she realised her husband and mother-in-law had picked a baby name for her unborn child.

The 28-year-old took to Reddit for advice on the awkward situation, which left many gobsmacked.

She wrote: "I spent most of my childhood and teen years with my grandparents.

"I was extremely close with my grandmother and was devastated when she passed away in 2016 from lung cancer.

"We live close to my grandfather and visit him on a daily basis. It means so much to my grandfather that we are naming our daughter Anne."

Despite the wife having sentimental attachment to the name Anne, her mum-in-law had other ideas.

Over dinner, the in-law announced she'd picked a moniker out herself.

The pregnant lass recalled: "When we sat down for dinner, my mother-in-law turns to me and says husband and I spoke this past week and he told me that you were going to be changing her name to be after me.

"I could feel my anxiety level rising and said 'no'. We are still planning on keeping her name to be Anne…

"My mother-in-law makes a face and says: 'well, it seems like husband is not on board with her name'.

"I finished eating and told husband that we were leaving."

She added: "We get into the car and husband tries to apologise.

"I told him that I was angry with him for not discussing with me and even more upset with mother-in-law.

"Mother-in-law sent me a few text messages regarding my behaviour that evening and hopes I will change my mind."

The wife asked if she was being unreasonable for wanting to pick her own baby's name out – and many offered words of reassurance.

One commenter wrote: "It's not her place to choose or to be unhappy with your choice."

Another agreed: "It is completely unacceptable for your husband and a third party to 'decide' anything about your child without consulting you.

"If you let this slide, in any way, I bet your mother-in-law will think she can run your life and decide how your child is raised, too.

"Put your foot down, as hard as you can. Quit reading this and do it now."

And a third added: "You already agreed. Don’t sign the birth certificate without the right name on it and make your wishes known to the nurses ahead of time."

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