Woman branded a monster for eating baguette the wrong way round

It's true that the longer you're with someone, the more you'll learn about them – quirks and all.

But, this interesting habit of one woman has left her hubby questioning if he wants to marry her.

However, it's nothing to do with farts or unusual bedroom habits.

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Their relationship status has been threatened by how she eats a baguette.

Yes, you read that right.

The bloke even labelled her a "monster" for her less than conventional bread munching technique.

Over on Reddit, the concerned partner posted a picture of the devoured French stick for all to see.

Instead of biting the bread on either of the ends, the woman decided to munch along the top of the crust.

Some even compared the method to that of a bird – or if she was playing the flute.

Her husband-to-be was harsher with his choice of words.

"I’m going to marry a monster who eats a baguette sandwich like this," he joked on the Casual UK subreddit.

And it seems like fellow Reddit users are in agreement with the bloke.

One person suggested: "Next time you give her a baguette, stick those corn on the cob holders in the ends."

Another user warned: "Interesting approach, think twice."

While a third mocked: "Is your partner a giant pigeon dressed as a human?"

Someone else giggled: "That actually looks like it was attacked by an animal."

Meanwhile, a fifth mocked: "Do they play the flute by any chance?"

Elsewhere, a Lidl bakery sign left shoppers in fits of laughter for its rather awkward spelling mistake.

The handmade sign attempted to inform the customers what sweet treat was on offer.

However, it wasn't quite communicated correctly.

And, it certainly changed the whole meaning of the much-loved Belgian bun!


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