Woman has laser hair removal and ends up with strip-like burn marks all over arm

A woman was left devastated when she went for a laser hair removal treatment and ended up getting strip-like burn marks on her arms.

Lekha Nettem, from US, was admitted to hospital with first-degree burn after feeling pain on her arms.

She took to TikTok to show viewers of the strange rectangular marks on her arms and asked for scar reduction advice.

She said: "So I went to get laser hair removal and I end up in ER because apparently the place I went to does not know how to do non-white skin properly because I ended up getting burns.

"The doctors said I'm probably gonna have scarring so I'm just gonna ask if anybody know how to take care of burns so I don't have scars."

She pans the camera to show her arm, which is full of dark brown burns in rectangular grids.

Viewers were shocked and shared their thoughts in comments.

"This is not okay! Oh it looks painful, girl, you need to sue, no joking, seriously," one wrote.

A second added: "The gasp that left my mouth. I'd go to a dermatologist and ask for specific ointment to treat burns. I'm so sorry that happened to you!"

Some who had similar experiences advised Lekha to use aloe vera and bio oil.

"It will get worse after a couple of days, just make sure you aren't purposely touching them and do not poke any blisters!" another suggested.

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Lehka said her parents were fuming when they found out and they are now considering suing or demanding compensation from the medical spa.

She posted updates the day after to share the progress of her burns, adding: "I was prescribed Silvadene and have been using it religiously!"

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