Woman has very near miss with Flying Scotsman as it speeds past at train station

A woman had a very near miss as she attempted to take pictures of the Flying Scotsman at a train station in Gloucestershire.

Scores of people gathered to see the famous steam train as it travelled from London to Worcester on Saturday morning.

Footage released by GloucestershireLive shows how the absent-minded trainspotter stuck her head in the path of the oncoming locomotive as she tried to take a snap with her phone.

Thankfully, a quick-thinking train station worker was at hand to deftly move her out of the way as the engine sped past a gathered crowd at Kemble train station.

She clearly overstepped the boundary as the official is heard saying: "Madam Please" – but appears not to hear the warning.

The man, dressed in the green uniform of Great Western Railway, physically moves her away in the nick of time.

Others on the platform appear to laugh in disbelief at the close shave.

Gloucestershire photographer Clint Randall caught the incident on video and posted it online to warn others not to get too close to the platform edge in their excitement.

"Just watched the Flying Scotsman almost take someone’s head off at Kemble," he said.

One person commented: " Madam, please' and gently moves her away from instant death. Wonderfully British response to an unbelievably stupid act."

The incident comes days after police and rail bosses issued an urgent warning to train fans over fears someone could be killed .

The Flying Scotsman tours the UK throughout the summer, with a tour from London Victoria through Surrey and Sussex on Saturday.

But to avoid mayhem at certain locations, Network Rail have not published details of the route.

They say that as well as sticking their heads out of the windows of passing trains people have also walked onto the tracks.

With a live conductor rail switched on at all times bosses say the risks of death when trespassing on the tracks is high.

Chief Inspector John Justice, from the  British Transport Police  said: “So far on the Flying Scotsman tour there has been some disruption, with various incidents of trespass along the line.

“It is incredibly disappointing that despite repeated warnings, people chose to risk their lives and the lives of others by going onto the  railway  tracks to view the Flying Scotsman.”

Andy Derbyshire, of Network Rail South East route, said: “It’s great that people want to come and see the Flying Scotsman but it’s important for them to stay safe.

“In the South East, the conductor rail that sits next to the track carries enough electricity to kill people and it is vital that rail fans stay in safe areas and don’t trespass on the line.

“I would also ask passengers to refrain from putting their heads out of the windows as the train runs along.”

Mr Justice said: “Anyone found trespassing on the railway will be dealt with according to the law – you could be brought before the courts, get a criminal record and a fine of up to £1,000.”

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