Woman mocked for wheelie bin teeth is transformed after dentist spots videos

A woman teased for having "wheelie bin teeth" has had an amazing transformation after getting some life-changing surgery.

Paige Griffin, from Walsall in Birmingham, had been bullied for her "yellow, black and brown" teeth since primary school.

It even led her to struggling to work as a sales consultant due to the fear of showing her stained teeth.

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The 26-year-old said the trolling continued when she set up a TikTok page where she was bombarded her with nasty comments.

People accused her of not brushing her teeth, with one saying: "They look like caveman's necklace."

"Do you know what a toothbrush is? Can send you 50p for one if you like," a second wrote.

A third added: "Teeth like burnt out fence posts."

Luckily, a dentist spotted her social media and agreed to fly her to Turkey for a special treatment.

Paige was offered a new set of crowns and porcelain veneers for free, which saved her a whopping £5,030 for the whole operation.

She flew over to Turkey on May 31 to have her teeth properly looked at.

The Turkish dentists informed Paige that the real cause of the stained teeth was due to gum disease, which had been neglected by Paige’s previous dentists.

Overjoyed with the results, the stay-at-jhome mum thanked the dentist and other kind viewers for getting her smile back.

"For years, people said I had wheelie bin teeth – because I had one black, one brown and one green," she said.

"I've refused to smile with my teeth on show my whole life but now I can't stop beaming.

“I’ve never had a single ounce of good luck, so at first, I didn’t believe them when they reached out.

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“It’s completely changed my life."

The TikToker said she had nine filings and two teeth extracted before the process began.

She said: “My teeth were filed down, and I was given veneers a day later.”

When Paige showed off her new smile to her viewers on TikTok, she was beaming with confidence, adding: "For the first time, the haters were drowned out by positive support and compliments.

“I never thought I could be considered ‘beautiful’ and now I am."


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