Woman only washes her hair twice a month – but youd never guess by her results

A TikToker who is famed on the social media app for her long, luscious locks has shared her secret to achieving healthy hair – claiming it’s all to do with how often you wash it.

In a clip shared with her 293K followers, Haylee, named @_theredhead on TikTok, speaks about her haircare routine, telling fans she only washes her hair twice a month.

It’s hard to believe, considering her hair looks super shiny and clean, but Haylee explains that she uses a process called “hair training”.

“Hair training” or “scalp training” is essentially teaching your hair and scalp to go longer between washes. The idea is that some shampoos and hair products can strip the hair’s natural oils and leave it feeling dry, therefore cutting back on washing it will help boost its health and shine.

Haylee claims she’s had great results from washing her hair less, telling fans, “Hair training keeps me from using so much heat, and I brush less. Both help my hair tremendously.”

“I use dry shampoo when needed,” she adds, “typically only at my crown.”

Some viewers have been concerned about hair hygiene, however, with one fan commenting, “Dead serious, no disrespect at all. Your hair is gorgeous. Doesn’t your head start to smell?”

Responding to her fan’s question in a separate clip, Haylee says, “It will after the 20-or-so day mark. It’ll just have a general product build-up smell, but I think it all has to do with what products you use, what you’re putting on your hair during the process of not washing it.”

“There are lots of brands that you can use that will mask the smell,” she adds. “If you have the Batiste dry shampoo that I use, that has a good scent to it, and the OUAI haircare brand has a very good scent.”

In another video shared with her fans, Haylee has shared her hair training tips, which include not touching your scalp and trading in your brush for a wide-tooth comb.

“If I’m flipping my hair, I’m not touching my scalp because that’s going to put oils back onto my scalp,” Haylee says.

“For brushing your hair, get a comb like this,” she adds, holding up a wide-tooth comb. “This doesn’t hold as much oil as a normal brush would, which would continue to make your hair greasy.”

And when it finally comes to wash day, Haylee uses Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque,£10.35 here, after shampooing.

“Find a deep treatment mask that works,” she says. “This one’s my favourite.”

Whilst we won’t be ditching our shampoo anytime soon, we have to admit we’ve got serious hair envy.

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