Woman shares hack to clean oven using tinfoil and £1 cleaning paste

A woman has shared a clever hack to get her oven spotless, using cleaning paste that costs £1 and a scrunched up ball of tin foil.

Sarah Lawson, 33, wanted to clean her oven but realised she didn’t have a scourer.

Rather than venture outside to she shops, she reached for the tin foil and scrunched some up into a ball, thus making her own scouring pad.

Sarah, from Northamptonshire, then grabbed some Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste, which is widely available from supermarkets for £1, and set to scrubbing.

She was shocked to find the oft-dreaded tack job was an easy one, with the grime on her oven door lifting before you could say ‘elbow grease.’

After then giving the door a quick wipe with a clean sponge, the glass was spotless.

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The social media assistant said: ‘I didn’t have a scourer to hand and thought, “What’s the next best thing?” – tin foil.’

‘I wasn’t worried [about scratching the door] because I didn’t have to use too much pressure for it to work well.

‘It only took me two minutes and I love the finished look – I can now see my Yorkshire puddings rise.’

Sarah went on to share her newfound hack on Facebook, where it’s been met with more than 1,400 likes and 600 comments at the time of writing.

Some have tried and tested the method themselves, with one person commenting: ‘Tin foil and pink stuff is amazing for cleaning ovens, I’ve used this method for years.’

Another wrote: ‘Omg looks so quick and as well.’

However others warned that the abrasive cleaner can leave small scratches on the glass, so isn’t suitable for use on oven doors.

One commenter warned: ‘Be careful. I’ve seen heaps of people post about their shattered glass after this.’

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