Woman shares how she's already bought and wrapped Christmas gifts for 2022

Are you the kind to get your Christmas shopping out of the way early, or are you a last-minute rusher?

Gemma Chamberlain is definitely not classed as the latter, as she’s shared how she took advantage of the post-Christmas sales this year to buy a stack of presents for next year.

She’s so prepared, she’s even wrapped them all, sharing pictures of the gifts in Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK.

She wrote: ‘Boots half-price sale and Tesco clothes and club card bargains (Boots was £176 total savings £178, so actually saved more than I spent) all wrapped and ready for next year.’

In the photos she posted, there’s an impressive pile of at least over two dozen gifts before and after they’d been wrapped.

The haul included a gift box of Lynx body spray, some kids-sized Peppa Pig, The Grinch and Disney clothes, bath bombs, and No 7 light-up mirror and a Monopoly Friends board game.

So far, the post has earned almost 8,000 likes, and many in the 2,000-strong comments section have shared how impressed they are with the haul.

‘I definitely need to do this. Your Christmas photos were rather impressive, makes me want to definitely start early,’ said one commenter.

Another wrote: ‘I wish I was like this. This for me though is what “Other People” do. I’m the one panic ordering off Amazon with a day to spare.’

However, others haven’t been so enamoured with the idea, with one commenting: ‘I love a sale but the way my kids grow and change what they’re into I couldn’t shop this early.’

‘It’s just tight tbh,’ said another. ‘Like why go into sales and buy a gift for next year, pass it to someone and say “hey enjoy your £1 bodywash and out of day [sic] chocos and an outfit that won’t fit you”‘.

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