Woman shares worst first date experience – his evil twin turned up

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Some first dates are magical, you fancy each other, click instantly, have loads in common and plenty to talk about. However, this is not always the case. A mum took to the internet to share her experience of a horrendous first encounter.

An anonymous user revealed that she met a man at a bus stop and agreed to go on a date after they’d “got chatting”.

He was super “nice” and “polite” at the time, so what happened on the first date came as a huge shock.

She explained: “Come the date and I think his evil twin turned up! He bragged about how hard he was, alluding to dealing drugs and being ‘gangsta’ and how nobody crossed him.”

He complemented this story with a few tales about “people he’d beaten up for some minor infraction”.

However, she found it hard to believe that he was a “gansta”, as he was living with his parents in a small village.

She added: “If he was ‘gangsta’ it was because the only competition were pensioners.”

The frustrated dater continued: “Other gems he bragged about were being banned for drink driving – and continuing to drink drive anyway – and having a number of kids with ‘psycho exes’.”

He even admitted to “fiddling his income” to avoid paying child support for his kids.

She revealed she couldn’t get out of there fast enough, leaving after just one drink.

Not sensing her disinterest, he asked her out on a second date but she declined.

This was not the only dating disaster revealed on the Mumsnet forum, with many other mums flocking to the comments section.

Another mama was left disappointed when her “articulate” online match turned out to be dreadfully dull – and not who he said he was.

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When they finally met up in person after his “witty and engaging” texting, his whole personality seemed to vanish.

She explained: “He could not maintain eye contact, much less a decent conversation.

“He eventually fessed up that his brother had done the texting for him, as he struggled with social interaction but he had come on the date hoping I wouldn’t notice the difference!”

Another mum recalled a date in which the man ate his meal “like an animal”.

Even worse, she saw some red flags when he started exhibiting some controlling behaviour.

She told him about her childhood and how she had a tendency to misbehave but his response shocked her.

“He said, ‘Well if we get together you will never misbehave and you would do as you’re told at all times.'”

When she asked him to clarify what he meant – “I beg your pardon?” – he simply repeated it and “glared” at her.

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